Asus Gaming Headphones Review

Asus as one of the best gaming peripheral makers have been manufacturing some of the best gaming headphones for a long time. A good headphones which produces sounds like 7.1 surround sound adds more to the gaming experience for the user. An excellent performing over-ear gaming headphones with a great mic, turns around the gaming experience as you can hear you, enemy, from miles and can be heard quite well to your team-mates, making champion on the battlefields. Let’s move to our favourites Asus Gaming headphones of 2020.

Best Asus Gaming headphones in 2021

1. Asus ROG Delta: Best Asus Gaming Headphone in 2021

Some people say there is not any great-sounding game playing headset. People have not heard ROG Delta. 4 hi-fi-level ESS 9218 DACs offer lossless audio finalizing with each DAC investing its processing capacity to a subset of the audible regularity variety, from lows, mids, highs to extra-levels. The 4 indicators are then mixed, which creates better sound having an impressive 127-dB SNR that’s higher than any product available in the market. As a result, you may hear and put in-game appears to be with pinpoint reliability, letting you precisely judge foe distance, path of footsteps, gunshot places plus more. Listen to every detail and savour crisp, clear sound for a real-to-life audio experience.

2. Asus Strix Fusion 700: Best Asus Wireless Gaming Headphone

ROG Strix Combination 700 is actually a gaming headset that gives adaptable connection, with USB 2. for hard-wired video games on your computer, Ps4 and Nintendo Change, and Bluetooth 4.2 that you should grab VoIP and cell phone calls or tune in to your chosen tunes wirelessly and very easily. The headset also includes a hi-fi ESS 9018 electronic digital-to-analogue converter, a 9601 amplifier, distinctive airtight chamber and 50mm ASUS Heart and soul individuals for accurate-to-lifestyle game playing and enjoyment. Personalize-produced 7.1 online surrounds created with Bongiovi Traditional acoustic provides gamers with pinpoint reliability —ideal for FPS online games like PUBG and Overwatch. Continue to be hard-wired to the battleground, and wireless for a lifetime out and about.

3. Asus Rog Centurion Review

Asus Rog Centurion

ROG Centurion is a top quality real 7.1 surrounds-noise gaming headset with 10 discrete car owners for amazing music and precise location, and a sound-cancelling electronic mic for crystal-clear in online game tone of voice interaction. The headset incorporates a Hi-Fi-class ESS headphone amplifier to deliver sensible and impactful music that creates video games come to life. The provided connect-and-enjoy USB sound station provides you with quick, complete control of your music expertise for excellent noise plus an indisputable side within the battlefield.

4. Asus ROG Strix Wireless

ROG Centurion is actually a high quality real 7.1 surround-sound gaming headset with 10 discrete drivers for sensational sound and precise positioning, as well as a noises-cancelling electronic digital microphone for crystal-crystal clear in-online game tone of voice conversation. The headset includes a Hi-Fi-class ESS headphone amplifier to provide reasonable and impactful music that creates games come to life. The integrated plug-and-play USB mp3 station provides you with instant, whole control over your mp3 experience for outstanding sound plus an irrefutable edge from the battlefield.

5. Asus Rog Strix Fusion 500

Asus Rog Strix Fusion 500 review

ROG Strix Combination 500 turns your game playing up a level, with exclusive headset-to-headset RGB light synchronization technologies so that your MOBA or esports crew can grind the competition in excellent sync. ROG Strix Fusion 500 comes with a hi-fi ESS 9018 computerized-to-analogue converter and a 9601 amplifier for more realistic audio, and also a 50mm ASUS Fact vehicle driver, distinctive airtight holding chamber technology and 7.1 digital encompass seem. Prepare yourself to stand out in the battlefield!

6. Asus Rog Fusion Wireless

ROG Strix Fusion Wireless can be a wireless video games headset designed to provide liberty of motion. Works with PC and PlayStation 4, its 2.4GHz wi-fi connection and dual-antenna layout provide a much more stable and quick audio transmission, enabling you to activity freely and without interruption. Along with a 15+ hour1 battery lifespan inside a 20-meter collection, you will be never behind on the measures. Its 50mm ASUS Fact drivers and exclusive airtight chamber modern technology allows you to notice every piece of information inside the game, and its effortless touch handles make certain an effortless encounter. Prepare yourself to take pleasure from unmatched flexibility.

7. Asus Strix Fusion 300

Asus Strix Fusion 300

ROG Strix Fusion 300 video gaming headset features a unique airtight holding chamber design and style and 50mm ASUS Essence individuals, delivering natural gaming sound with strong deeper bass. Involve yourself in abundant sound with onboard 7.1-funnel online surround-sound wherever you go – no dongles or added computer software are essential! Strix Combination 300 is light in weight and comfy, and has broad compatibility with PC, Mac pc and online game consoles. Encounter impressive, totally-immersive game playing music with Strix Fusion 300!

8. Asus TUF Gaming H5

The brand new TUF Video gaming H5 headset is made to provide incredible quality of sound and hard durability. With on-table 7.1 online encircle seem, distinctive ASUS Essence individuals plus an airtight chamber layout, TUF Video games H5 enhancements your in-activity music experience with abundant, immersive seem. Its lightweight design offers great comfort for extended video gaming trainings, as well as a stainless-metallic headband assures the headset will stand up to the rigours of frequent game playing and travelling. TUF Gaming H5 includes a 3.5mm connector, allowing the headset for use with multiple programs, including PC, Apple computer, PS4, Xbox A single, Nintendo Change and cellphones.

9. Asus Cereberus Gaming Headphone Review 2020

Successful gamers will need profitable accessories and Cerberus was created to enable you to safe success in every situation — and it’s additionally a fantastic headset for each day paying attention! Link Cerberus for your personal computer, notebook computer or intelligent device to discover fantastic audio with outstanding depth and punchy bass whatever you need to do or where you undertake it. If you’ve not experienced the strength of 60mm neodymium-magnet individuals then pay attention with Cerberus — you’ll encounter unrivalled punch and audio immersion that’s utterly persuasive. When gaming you’ll pick up every gunshot and know adversaries are nearby using their footsteps by yourself. Then, move to audio for spacious stadium rock and roll, distinct and very clear spoken-term listening or film soundtracks that sound so real. You may forget compatibility worries with Cerberus mainly because it works with nearly every gadget. The 1.2m hooking up cable is along with a 1.3m extension using a Y-divide that offers individual headphone and mic plugs together, for great compatibility and a general cable length of 2.5m. The easily removed growth mic is perfect for in-online game conversation — to help you chitchat and always be heard!

10. Asus Rog Strix Go 2.4: Asus Noise Cancelling Headphone

Asus Rog Strix Go 2.4

ROG Strix Go 2.4 ditches Bluetooth to get the world’s initial USB-C 2.4 GHz headset, empowering extra-stable cord-less links for multiple-platform on-the-go game playing. Appreciate delay-free of charge mp3 on Personal computer, PlayStation, Xbox or intelligent devices, and wander everywhere using a Nintendo Move-in handheld function. Strix Go 2.4 is light, charges fast and possesses a long-lasting battery power for nonstop game playing periods. It even features AI-powered sound-cancelling microphones for crystal-clear communication just about anywhere.


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