Focal Elegia Headphone Review

The Focal Elegia is excellent audiophile headphones. They are the closed-back variant in the similarly designed Focal Elear. These top-quality headphones are incredibly comfortable for very long hearing classes and also a wonderful construction as a result of a metal frame and an easily removable cable. They can be a little more versatile than the Elear due to their sealed-back design and quicker cable, which enables you to utilize them outside as well. Regrettably, they won’t be the best earbuds to make use of outdoors since they have a large design and style, their isolation overall performance is common-at-best, and so they do not have an in-line remote control by using a microphone for telephone calls. Nevertheless, the Focal Elegia are headsets that should remember to most consumers who are able to pay for them.


The Elegia is wonderful looking headphones, plus they are fairly similar to their open-back version, the Focal Elear, with minor variations. They don’t use a grill about the hearing cups and have much more apparent sterling silver accents. Also, their quicker cable tv is white and black, whilst the Elear’s is all black. They are noticeable much more compared to the Elear but nonetheless have got a more fairly neutral look. For headphones that stand out far more, take a look at the Focal Stellia.


These Headphones are incredibly comfortable. They may be well-padded and truly feel just like the Elear. The hearing padding seems a little bit distinct, and also the headphones don’t take a seat on the top quite exactly the same way. However, the cups remain huge and strong, which will in shape most ear without coming in contact with the drivers. These are decently small on the brain but don’t implement an excessive amount of stress to help you use them for hours without feeling low energy. Also, they are a little more lightweight compared to Elear.

Build Quality

The Focal Elegia is extremely well-created headsets who have a great, great-conclusion design. They can be produced exactly the same way the Elear are. The full build is practically all crafted from metallic, producing the headphones very strong. They also have an easily removed cable tv, that is hassle-free and easily replaceable if damaged, making them more durable. Total, they have got a number of shifting parts and are built like high-quality earbuds that should last you some time.


These headsets will not be very steady and won’t be an ideal selection for sports activities. They have a decently restricted suit in the head, but as soon as you start operating or training together, they wiggle around and may easily slip off your face. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be a concern during informal hearing classes.


The Elegia is equipped for a crucial audience who would like to appreciate their very good music reproduction just about anywhere. They are the shut down-back variant in the Elear so might be more adaptable, however, they are still not easily transportable and secure for athletics. They do however isolate a lot more noise and can be quite a better option for commuting or in the office, but won’t just like noises cancelling headphones or any other shut down-back over-ear we’ve analyzed. However, their quick cable tv won’t be well suited for watching TV, and they also do not possess a microphone for gaming.


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