HifiMan Ananda Edition X Review in 2020


The HifiMan Edition X provides an appropriate hearing knowledge about a well-balanced and open up noise. Their build quality can feel superior and appearance unique, nevertheless the headband is a bit weakened. Also, they’re not suitable for relaxed use, and definitely will perform poorly away from a tranquil, steady surroundings. The HifiMan headphones By are ideal for natural hearing. They’re designed to produce a huge soundstage due to their huge wide open earcups. They also have a well-balanced and crisp sound quality. Connected to an effective amp, within a calm place, their audio reproduction is not going to disappoint.

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HifiMan Edition By are uniquely created headsets. These people have an old-style fashion headband and also large, level and open ear canal cups. They appear and feel high quality and are superbly well-shock absorbing having a suede-like padded textile. However, the sheer size of these earbuds means they are cumbersome to use in public places. The headband also seems just a little cheaply built-in comparison to the level of treatment put in the hearing cup design and style.


The HifiMan Edition X By produce a comfortable listening practical experience. They’re exceedingly well-padded, by using a suede-like fabric, that’s smooth and pleasurable onto the skin. The headband, despite the fact that a little bit rigid is not really too tight on the mind. Even so, how big these headsets could possibly be bothersome for a few fans, and they’re a little bit large even when the excess weight is well distributed.

Build Quality 

Edition X By come with an above-common build quality. The wide-open hearing cups are packed, and the open-back style is established with a durable metallic grid. The headband also offers a relatively basic design and style having a steel frame, that’s a bit lean, but can feel strong enough to never split under a reasonable level of actual physical tension. Sadly, the joints that hook up the structure to the ear canal cups certainly are a little plasticky doesn’t sense as tough as all of those other styles. This beliefs out of place over a headphone of this calibre. The cable, however, is heavy and coated inside a braided cloth that’s tough.


These are generally not athletics-driven earphones. They’re large and bulky, and although secure, they’re not stable enough on your head to use while undertaking any physical exercise. The large and high earcups will sway and fall off your the ears if applied while jogging or doing exercises. On the upside, the cable television is detachable in the event that it will get hooked on something.


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