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The Logitech Zone wired are no-frills on-ear business office earbuds. There is a smooth, comfortable design that can feel well-constructed plus a relatively well-balanced noise account that creates them suited to playing a variety of articles. They also attribute specialized manages for resolving calls with a pretty wide range of virtual conferencing apps plus a substantial-good quality increase microphone that makes your voice noise obvious and mostly free from history noise. Regrettably, their non-removable USB music cable severely restrictions their general adaptability.


The Logitech Zone wired are conservatively designed headsets. They’re quite portable, having a sleek increase microphone and slender headband. They merely appear to be offered in a monochrome charcoal colour structure, hence they will want to look correct in your own home in a workplace establishing.


These headsets are comfy. They are very light in weight and don’t clamp your face very firmly, so wearing them for hours on end shouldn’t be a good deal of issue.


The Logitech Zone Wired use a decently easy-to-use handle scheme with actual inputs. In keeping with their intended use as a devoted place of work headphones, the phone call control switch in the in-line remote control could be used to answer or deny calls on Microsoft Crews if the app is jogging. Logitech’s marketing materials also lists related compatibility with Focus and Skype, but we don’t examination this. The in-series remote even offers buttons for pausing and enjoying tunes and volume level manage, both of which supply great levels of clicky actual responses. Muting the boom microphone can be carried out using a devoted option or by merely turning the mic up.

Build Quality

The build is excellent of the Logitech Zone Wired headset is useful. It feels reasonably sturdy, having a plastic material, steel, and silicone headband. At the same time, the hearing cups are lined with faux leather and truly feel thick. Its non-detachable audio cord can also be braided and equipped with a clip to avoid it from swinging all around, each of which is nice touches.


The Logitech Zone Wired have a non-easily removed USB-C sound cable television provided with an in-line distant, not to mention a provided USB-C to USB-A adaptor. The USB-A adapter protrusions their audio latency up from 50 ms to 88 ms, to choose to utilize their regular connector if your personal computer is equipped with a USB-C port.


The Logitech Zone Wired headset is sub-par for merged consumption. It’s reasonably comfortable, well-developed, and offers a surprisingly properly-healthy being attentive experience, but its non-mobile design and style and USB-only audio cord severely constrain its total functionality away from an office.


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