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AKG Y600NC [Review] – Absolute Unit!

AKG Y600NC [Review] - Absolute Unit!

The AKG Y600NC’s pitch is sound: provide ultra-comfort in an over-ear configuration with active noise-cancellation (ANC), but without the astronomical price tag that such headphones are known for.

But, in order to fit such a product into this price range, what compromises have been made, and, as a result, is it better to buy the Y600NC or save a little more and look elsewhere?


If there’s one thing the AKG Y600NC gets right, it’s comfort. The broad earcups of these over-ear headphones are made of memory foam and lined with protein leather. You won’t get the ‘pinch’ associated with some over-ears if you wear them for hours at a time. It’s all about dreamy coziness.

Even so, the earcups are rather huge, so can glide around a bit bit – which can, to your diploma, affect the sound quality because it flies towards your ears. We discover the Microsoft Surface Headsets 2 – which are only a tiny additional in price – to take care of fit just slightly better.

Our review trial is finished in dark, but there are silver and gold alternative available in the event you prefer. The conclusion isn’t plasticky, as it’s coated in a delicate-contact material, which feels fantastic and doesn’t make any irritating creaky may sound like some plastics can. Nonetheless, the least touch does tag this material with fingerprints.

In terms of handles, AKG has saddled with a combination of automation, a well-hired application, and bodily switches/changes you could locate easily without needing to appear. It’s a smart solution, despite the fact that we would like for further subtle switches regarding the sizing – having a variety of availabilities noticeable may be prevented with contact-handles rather, as you’ll see in various other headsets nowadays.

The Bluetooth interconnection we’ve located to get reliable or pay attention via wire – there’s a cable within the hold pouch (it’s the smaller 2.5mm launching on the headphones on their own, 3.5mm in the other end for connection to gadgets). There’s also an auto commence/quit premises – that may be easily switched on or off within the app – and auto-off also, creating particular elements of using automated, which is fantastic.

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The sound profile, as with any headphones, is the most important factor. AKG performs admirably in this category, but it is not a class leader. The top-end is a little pushed, the bass isn’t as impactful as others – such as the Bose NC 700 Headphones – and there isn’t the same distinction as you can find elsewhere.

However, since a broad frequency spectrum is protected, there is no limit on what you will hear. In addition, the app includes a fully customizable equalizer (EQ) that allows you to modify a waveform as you see fit (albeit within 32Hz – 16kHz, which cuts off the lowest bass and highest frequencies outside the range which the Y600NC claims to cover).

The Active-sound cancelling enables you to call down ambient sound, helping you to devote your time and energy to paying attention without disruptions, but it’s not too powerful ANC. That’s not always a problem – some ANC techniques cause you to feel like you’re floating inside a vacuum of a room – mainly because it assists boost the seem far more delicately general. But if you want much stronger cancelling technologies then it’s readily accessible – from the Surface area Headsets 2, having its variable 13 amounts for the even more effective Bose Noise Cancelling 700.

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AKG (A Samsung Brand) N700NC M2 Over-Ear Foldable Wireless Headphones, Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black (US Version), 2.6, Model:GP-N700HAHCIWA

$129.99  in stock
9 new from $104.97
3 used from $88.99
Free shipping
as of May 20, 2024 11:32 am


  • AKG signature sound: when it's mixed and mastered the way it was intended to be heard, music opens your mind to endless possibilities; AKG has devoted decades to delivering a sound experience that ignites creative expression
  • PREMIUM DESIGN: Flat and foldable, the soft ear cushions with dual memory foam and padded adjustable headband deliver a comfortable and luxurious listening experience; Plus, they're ideal for travel, thanks to an elegant carrying case, an airplane adaptor, a 3; 5mm audio cable and a USB C charging cable all included in the box
  • Adaptive NOISE cancellation: turn down distracting sounds so it's just you and the music, uninterrupted; Whatever is happening in the room, your headphones will automatically minimize surrounding noise
  • Ambient aware technology or Talk thru mode: control how much surrounding noise you want to let in with the touch of a button, so you can stay in the world While getting lost in the 1 you're listening to; When you want to have a face to face conversation, Talk thru mode drops The music down so you don't have to remove your headphones
  • ANDROID & iOS COMPATIBILITY: Your N700NC M2 Wireless headphones pair with both Android and iOS compatible smartphones via Bluetooth connection


The AKG Y600NC headphones produce a large wall of sound that is loud and capable across the frequency spectrum, but less coherent than some other more capable options on the market. The African National Congress (ANC) isn’t any better.

This is essentially the trade-off you’re making by spending a little less. Most people will be satisfied with the Y600NC with all it has to offer – before they hear what the slightly more expensive competition has to offer.


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