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Beyerdynamics DT 880 250 Ohm [Review]

Beyerdynamics DT 880 250 Ohm [Review]

The DT 880 is good crucial paying attention earphones with a well-well balanced and available seem. There is a tough construct, and they’re decently secure, but they’re a little awkward to carry around without having a bag. Also, their semi-open up style doesn’t obstruct ambient noises, water leaks a whole lot, and isn’t really designed for every other use situation except crucial being attentive in isolated surroundings.


The DT 880 seem just like the DT 990 PRO but have plenty of distinctive details to think that an alternative layout. The spherical ear canal cups are semi-open rather than the available design of the DT 990 which combined with the much more superior, aluminium enclosures help make the DT 880 seem much more expensive than their range of prices. They have a slightly various headband design and style with two modest steel plates in the hinges, which appear a little odd but shouldn’t be considerable of a matter once they’re on your brain.


The DT 880 is comfy headphones but placed an unequal level of stress around your ears. The ear canal glass padding is protected with a soft microfiber material that believes good onto the skin. They’re also not as limited as DT 990 out of the package, however, the direction of ear canal mugs brings about them to set and not comfortable quantity of stress involving the mouth along with your ear lobe which can have a bit tedious after having them on for some time.


Like the DT 990 PRO and also the DT 770, the DT 880 is not very transportable headphones. They’re heavy, they don’t collapse in a much more small format, and also the ears servings don’t lay down smooth sometimes. This will make them quite cumbersome to hold on your particular person with no handbag. Regrettably, the offered carrying case brings a whole lot large that they can well not even squeeze into your backpack or health club travelling bag.

Build Quality

The DT 880 is durable and well-built headphones that won’t break once they accidentally tumble off your desk. Additionally, they utilize some top quality materials inside their construction. Their frame doesn’t really feel as strong because the DT990 Professional, but the ear canal mugs feel better built and get steel enclosures compared to the plastic-type one of many DT990. Even so, the audio wires ultimately causing the ears mugs can be a little exposed.


These headphones, in contrast to the DT990, usually are not stable. They fit somewhat looser on the go in comparison to the 990s and will easily drop off when you shake them too a lot. They’re not intended to be utilized while exercising or running, along with the non-detachable cable is time consuming and can yank the headphones off your face if this will get hooked on something.

Noise Isolation

Poor Isolation. The DT-880 is scored as semi-wide open but their overall performance is much like fully open up-back headsets, and thus don’t isolate effectively. They provide no isolation inside the Bass and The middle of Varieties. Inside the Treble Collection, they obtain an average of 15dB of lowering which happens to be about common.

beyerdynamic Dt 880 250 Ohm Pro Semi-Open Studio Headphones Black (Limited Edition)

$229.00  in stock
as of April 13, 2024 2:27 pm


  • Limited edition Black - 250 Ohm impedance ideal for studio use (Ideal for mixing, editing, mastering)
  • Comfortable fit due to rugged, adjustable, soft padded (leatherette) headband construction, and velour ear pads.
  • Semi-open back design offers unparalleled spaciousness with neutral tone reproduction. Optimum vocal positioning in mixing ensures the slightest nuances are transparently reproduced.
  • Handcrafted in Germany each DT 880 Pro headphone is crafted from parts and components by hand and can be replaced if necessary.
  • 9.8 ft. Coiled cable (single sided) allows the headphones to be put on and taken off frequently without getting tangled, and soft, adjustable ear cups provide for added comfort.


The DT 880 comes with an outstanding Mid variety plus an above-common Striped bass and Treble. This may cause them audio decently healthy, with tools and vocals that don’t sense pressed back or too forward on the majority of monitors. Nevertheless, their overall sound reproduction is a little brilliant and sibilant. They also do not have just as much Bass because the DT 990, but around the upside, there is a large Soundstage, low harmonic distortion and wonderful stereo system picture, which makes them very good headsets for fairly neutral being attentive.

Verdicts By Usage


These are not made for sports at all. They’re bulky, cumbersome to carry around and they will be unstable while you jog around the block.


Bad for commuting. These people have a semi-wide open layout which enables a lot of ambient noise leak in to the ear servings which can be not ideal for the loud environments involved in travelling via general public transportation.


Sub-par for workplace use. Unless you operate in an isolated atmosphere, the degree of seepage of the earphones may distract those around you. Additionally, they tend not to block any noises therefore they won’t be ideal for a lively place of work.


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