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Boltune BT-BH024 Wireless Headphone [Review]

Boltune BT-BH024 Wireless Headphone

The Boltune BT-BH024 are moderately versatile completely wireless in-ears, although they lack numerous features, as do many inexpensive headphones. They boast a bass-heavy sound profile that gives your favourite songs an extra thud and impact. These lightweight in-ears offer a good fit and are stable enough to wear during modest exercise like running. You can also take them with you on the go thanks to their portable charging case, which can hold up to five more charges. Unfortunately, their built-in microphone isn’t great for phone calls, their control scheme isn’t very user-friendly, and there are no customization options.

Wireless Earbuds | Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones | in-Ear Detection | AptX Deep Bass | CVC 8.0 Noise Cancellation | IPX8 Waterproof | Touch Control | with 2 Mics | USB-C Quick Charge 42h Playtime

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  • Good Stability
  • Design
  • Great Battery Life
  • No Sound Customization


The Boltune BT-BH024 are basic true wireless in-ears that look a lot like Apple’s AirPods 2 Truly Wireless 2019. They have lengthy stalks that protrude from your ears and are controlled by touch. These headphones are mostly black with a few grey accents.


The Boltune BT-BH024 is a comfy chair. They go a little deeper into the ears than other in-ears. When you utilise the controls, though, you don’t have to push them further into your ears because they contain touch-sensitive controls. They also include three sizes of silicone tips to help you find the right fit.


The controls of the Boltune BT-BH024 are average. While their controls are touch-sensitive, they aren’t the most user-friendly. There is no pairing button, and you can only manage play/pause by moving the buds in and out of your ears. The control mechanism is a little perplexing; for example, you have no idea what volume level you’re listening to because the earbuds only give feedback when you hit the volume min/max. You can’t remap these controls either.


These headphones are extremely lightweight. They’re compact and light, so they’ll easily fit in your pocket or purse. Their little carrying case should also fit effortlessly into your bag.


The charging case of the Boltune BT-BH024 is excellent. The hard case is covered in a dark grey textured fabric, and the front has a little light that lights on for a few seconds as the earbuds start charging. A power button and a USB-C charging port are located on the back of the case.

Build Quality

The Boltune BT-BH024 is made of good materials. The buds are primarily plastic, and the casing is plastic with a fabric wrap around the outside. Both the earbuds and the case have a solid feel to them. Although we don’t test for water resistance, these headphones are rated IPX7.


The BH024 are a reliable pair of headphones. To assist you discover a suitable fit, they come with three different sizes of earbud tips. Even during runs or light exercises, they don’t move around much in your ear because they don’t have stabilising fins.

Noise Isolation

The Boltune BT-BH024 performs well in terms of noise isolation. They don’t have active noise cancellation (ANC), therefore they simply block noise in a passive manner. They, like AC units, do a fantastic job of shutting out speech and higher frequencies. They don’t work as well with low-bass sounds like engines, thus they might not be suitable for flights or commutes.


The battery life of the Boltune BT-BH024 is satisfactory. The manufacturer claims a battery life of seven hours, however we found that it lasted more over nine hours in our tests. For while you’re on the run, the portable case comes with about five extra charges. The earbuds may also be utilised in single mode, which means you can charge one earbud and listen to audio through the other earpiece while it is still charging. Furthermore, these headphones are supposed to have a quick charging feature that provides one hour of gameplay after only ten minutes of charging, however we did not test this. The lack of a power-saving feature is a drawback.


The Bluetooth performance of the Boltune BT-BH024 is adequate. They support aptX and have a good range, making them ideal for consumers who wish to use their headphones without having to have their device on them. While they run well on Android, they have a lot of lag on PC and iOS, so they might not be the best choice for streaming movies. Some programs, however, may adjust for lag, so your results may vary.


The Boltune BT-BH024 is suitable for a variety of applications. Their in-ear fit is reasonably pleasant, and they are lightweight. They have a slightly bass-heavy sound profile that will keep you energised during a workout or a long day at work. On the negative, they lack a companion app, ANC, and sound tuning options, as do many inexpensive headphones.


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