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EarFun Free Truly Wireless Headphone [Review]

EarFun Free Truly Wireless Headphone review

The EarFun Free truly wireless headphones are decent. Their sound is a little bass-heavy, and their vocal reproduction is a little recessed. They have good overall battery life and are reasonably comfy for in-ear headphones. However, because they have a perceptible delay and aren’t the best option for blocking out ambient noise, they won’t be ideal for watching video material. Nonetheless, if you’re not seeking expensive fully wireless headphones, they’re an excellent choice.

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The EarFun Free are a pair of fully wireless headphones that are quite basic. They have a simple all-black or all-white design that doesn’t stand out much. They’re little buds that don’t protrude from the ear canal. The manufacturer’s branding is on each bud’s button, but it isn’t particularly visible.


The EarFun Free Earbuds are surprisingly pleasant for in-ear headphones. They’re incredibly light and compact, so they don’t put a lot of strain on your eardrum. The controls are very simple to use, so you won’t have to force the buds into your ear canal to receive commands.


The control scheme of the EarFun Free Earbuds is simple and uninteresting. They don’t have a volume control, unlike the FIIL T1X True Wireless, which can be a deal-breaker for some. Each bud has a single button that allows you to control your music and manage your calls. The buttons are reasonably clicky, but there are no audible cues for orders, which is a little disappointing.


These little buds, like other fully wireless headphones, don’t trap heat within or around your ears, making them a highly breathable solution that’s ideal for sports.


The EarFun Free buds, like other truly wireless headphones, are extremely compact, making them easy to carry in your jeans pockets or a backpack everywhere you go.


The case for the EarFun Free is adequate. It’s totally constructed of plastic and is slightly larger than other similarly designed totally wireless devices, but it should still fit into your pockets. It comes with a four-light battery indication, which is convenient. Check out the TOZO T10 if you want something similar with a wireless charging cover, though they don’t function quite as well overall.

Build Quality

The EarFun Free headphones are well-made. Although they’re composed of plastic, they feel dense enough to withstand physical damage from falls. Water resistance is also rated IPX7, though we don’t test this internally. Check out the TOZO T6 Truly Wireless if you want something comparable but with a superior build quality.


The EarFun Free are sturdy enough for sports despite the lack of stability fins. Their compact bud design fits comfortably within the ear, and they come with three different tip options to help you achieve the ideal fit.

Noise Isolation

The noise isolation on the EarFun Free is poor. They don’t feature active noise cancellation, and their passive isolation is mediocre at best. Because they don’t lessen the deep rumbling of a bus or train, they won’t be perfect for shutting out noise in public transportation. They’re suitable for use in an office setting because their fit decreases ambient noise and A/C noise.


On a single charge, we got just over 4 hours of continuous playback time, which is a little disappointing given that they’re supposed to last 6 hours. On the plus side, they include a standby mode that kicks in after a few minutes of inactivity. In addition, the charging case can contain around four more charges, which is a plus.


The EarFun Free headphones are Bluetooth-only. They have a strong line of sight range, so you should be fine, particularly if you keep your source close to you. They do, however, have a significant amount of latency, making them unsuitable for watching video material. On the plus side, if your source also supports Bluetooth 5.0, you might enjoy improved overall performance.

Pros and Cons

  • Stable and breathable design for sports
  • Very portable
  • Low leakage
  • Plasticky design


Although these headphones offer a good sonic reproduction, they are a little bass-heavy. Because of their totally wireless construction, they’re quite easy to transport. They’re also ideal for sports because they’re lightweight and have a secure fit. They are, however, not built for gaming and will not be suitable for making phone calls.


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