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Flydigi CyberFox [Review]

Flydigi CyberFox wireless gaming headphone for pubg lovers in 2021

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Flydigi Cyberfox is wireless low latency gaming headphone

After testing it out for the day and longer gaming, on these we came to the conclusion that Flydigi Cyberfox wireless gaming headphones is a top-notch gaming headphone that has been missing out from a lot of people. Flydigi cyber fox is a wireless gaming headphone, excellent for PUBG Mobile gamers, or any other gamer who loves to watch or play games on their mobile phone.

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  • Flydigi CyberFox features high-quality Qualcomm chip, compatible with aptX-HD, AAC, Hi-Fi sound for music. Bluetooth 5.0, long-range connection with lower power consumption. And is compatible with iPhone and Android.
  • 16mm active drivers, sound effect results sync with the foot, shooting or players movements in no time, in addition to premium songs top quality.


Flydigi CyberFox has a great battery installed in them, that can last for upto-16 hours charge, and on a very small charge!


These are IPX4 sweating and water opposition during challenging workouts or running. Cyberpunk and futuristic look will certainly be a classy accessory for any outfit to stand out.


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