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Focal Elear Headphone [Review]

Focal Elear Headphone a true audiophile headphones you can get for professional audio engineering

The Focal Elear is a great wide open-back audiophile. They can be well-created and extremely comfortable for too long being attentive periods as a result of well-shock absorbing ears cups and headband. Their open up style makes them an inadequate selection for every other use cases while they don’t prohibit any ambient sound and don’t use a microphone or wireless technologies. They are premium headphones created to appreciate in quiet conditions to help using their wide-open quality of sound.

Last updated on July 17, 2024 2:29 pm


The Focal Elear is fantastic and appealing looking headphones that have a high-stop and top quality sense. Many of the builds are aluminum, and also the cups are large and well-produced. They are practically all-dark, count on for that metallic complete about the glass hinges and emblem. There is a wonderful grill about the mugs along with a well-padded headband. Even though they are bulky over-ears, they aren’t fancy and don’t necessarily stand out.

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These earphones are extremely cosy. They don’t place excessive pressure in the brain, and the supplies utilized for the ear mug extra padding is cushiony and smooth. The servings are huge and strong which means that your ears don’t feel the car owners. Nonetheless, they are probably the heaviest earphones we’ve analyzed thus far, although they don’t think that it once about the go. Also, they may feel a little bit restricted on larger heads.


They can be decently breathable thanks to their open-back style which helps with air flow. Around-ear usually snare temperature under the ears servings, however the grille about the cups helps you to reduced the temp. They won’t be perfect for sports as you may perspiration more than usual using these earbuds on.

Build Quality 

The Central Elear are really well-constructed headsets which have a solid, substantial-conclusion design. The complete create is almost all crafted from metal, generating the headsets very sturdy. They also have a removable cable, that is practical and simply replaceable if damaged, making them more durable. Overall, they may have a handful of transferring components which are prone to busting and are made like premium audiophile headphones.


These earbuds will not be the most dependable and won’t be ideal for sports activities. They already have a good clamping push to aid the headsets to remain in place, nevertheless, they will come off fairly easily during exercising. This shouldn’t be considered an issue for casual being attentive training.

Last updated on July 17, 2024 2:29 pm


The Focal Elear uses a great music reproduction with very good bass performance, a much and level middle-collection, and decent but slightly veiled treble. Their open style assists to create a more open up seem, and are generally functional for many different tunes genres. These are adequately-cushioned and cozy headphones for too long being attentive periods, as well as their outstanding construction lasts you for several years. Nevertheless, the absence of sub-bass for bass sounds supporters.


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