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HifiMan Ananda Review [Review]

HifiMan Ananda Review


The HiFiMan Ananda are fantastic vital listening earphones and a very good revamp in Edition X. They seem practically similar to the Version By however with a little bit better mid-variety and harmonic distortion. They likewise have the headband style and aluminum yokes of your Sundara, so they have a reduced user profile, and really should be a little more durable. However, HiFiMan lacks the very best background with sturdiness and like most wide open-back over-ears, they’re only created for crucial paying attention.

The HiFiMan Ananda are probably the greatest sounding headsets we’ve tested thus far. These people have a well-healthy noise that suits all types, with a decent volume of bass sounds as well as an accurate representation of the tools and vocals in the middle-variety. They have a great soundstage that will really feel sizeable and open. Moreover, they’re comfortable for a long time, even though they’re not quite as breathable as other open up back over-ears. They’re an incredible option for any neutral listener. If you do not imagine a little bit a lot less bass then take a look at our report on the Stax SR-L300. There is a comparable functionality for natural being attentive and a few may prefer their seem due to their Electrostatic individuals even though the small absence of striped bass does males they won’t be well suited for all listeners and genres.

HIFIMAN Ananda Over-Ear Full-Size Planar Magnetic Headphones with High Fidelity Design Easy to Drive by iPhone/Android Studio Comfortable Earpads Open-Back Design Easy Cable Swapping

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  • High Sensitivity
  • Ultra Thin Diaphragm
  • Window Shade Grill Design
  • Asymmetrical Ear Cups
  • Unparalleled Portable Audio Performance


The HiFiMan Ananda has the same feel and look as being the Edition By, but with similar yoke redesign as being the HiFiMan Sundara. This will give them a lower profile since the headband is not going to protrude around the Edition X’s headband. They also look a little bit more premium, considering that the yokes are a great steel structure that believes more durable but lacks swivelling joints. Even so, like other vital hearing earphones of the calibre, they are somewhat cumbersome to wear regardless of whether you’re just walking around within your house. They’re also not designed or designed to use outdoors.


The HiFiMan Ananda are about as comfy because the Model By but have a slightly distinct yoke design and style that creates them sense a bit firmer about the head. They have sizeable, well-shock absorbing ear canal glasses that will easily in shape around all hearing styles because the glasses possess a fairly huge surface, they somewhat minimize the clamping effect of the restricted headband. Regrettably, they can be still fairly hefty and large headphones, along with the servings might be a bit too big for a few heads and will extend beyond the jaw bone, which could come to be uncomfortable for a few during longer listening trainings.


The HiFiMan Ananda are open up-back earbuds which should be a bit more breathable than most shut-back over-ear. Nonetheless, the bigger size of their planar magnetic individuals obstructs airflow a lot, which implies the HiFiMan can certainly make your the ears hotter during lengthy hearing sessions than similarly made available-back versions. The big ear canal glasses are roomy enough that your the ears have just a little inhaling area, nonetheless they won’t function as the suitable headphones to pay attention in really hot conditions or for very long ongoing paying attention classes. They are also not made or made for physical exercise and is definitely not suited to designed to use case.

Build Quality

The build quality of the HiFiMan Ananda might be better than that of the similarly made Model By. They have a similar thick and durable hearing glasses using a steel bbq grill for that open up-back design and style. The other construct, however, is a little diverse. The headband especially has become more similar to that from the HiFiMan Sundara, with metal yokes which should be far tougher than the plastic ones of your previous product. The cable connections provided may also be different. The newest cabling are translucent and layered having a silicone-like sleeve that should be durable enough for the majority of use situations but is not going to sense as tough since the braided types of the Model By. Also, as above mentioned on other HiFiMan headsets we’ve examined, quality control is not always the ideal, so that we will probably be keeping track of these headsets for any considerable issues that may require a score transform. Nonetheless, for the present time, they are among the much better developed open up-back earphones we’ve tested thus far. They’re made with premium materials and check high-stop.


These earphones are not made to be most steady for physical exercise. The ear canal servings possess a big enough area that they will sustain their placement during everyday listening sessions as well as the overhaul in the yokes, without having swivelling hinges, ensure they are slightly more stable in the mind compared to Model X. Nonetheless, they are certainly not intended and is definitely not suitable for sporting activities or any use situation which involves a lot of movements. On the upside, their audio cable is removable but will probably yank the earphones off your face if addicted by one thing.

Bass Accuracy

The deep bass is excellent. The LFE (lower-frequency extension) reaches 10Hz, which can be exceptional. Low-striped bass, which accounts for the thump and rumble common to bass-hefty tunes and sound consequences is within 3dB of our fairly neutral target. This shortage won’t be very perceptible, since sub-bass frequencies are typically noticed and so are difficult to hear. General, their low-bass sounds functionality is fairly very good especially considering these are typically open up-back headsets, and creating low-bass sounds is amongst the tougher points for wide open-back headsets. Middle of the-striped bass, in charge of the body of bass electric guitars along with the punch of strike drums, is smooth and healthy. Higher-bass sounds, responsible for warmth is overemphasized by 1.4dB, including a little of muddiness on the total audio on some keeps track of.

Pros and Cons

  • Minimalist design
  • Sound Quality
  • Audiophile headphones
  • Price


The Ananda seems fairly sturdy for most of this. I’m not a big enthusiast of your plastic material headband extension items in the edges in the headband, nevertheless, they do the job and maintain the bodyweight downward. Fortunately, the Ananda comes in just below 400g, so it’s one of several lighter planar magnet earphones out there.


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