Hifi Man Sundra Review

Initially when I first analyzed the HiFiMAN Sundara middle 2020, I stumbled upon myself thoroughly satisfied experiencing its performance for your selling price, as well as in reality it’s higher shown siblings the Ananda and Arya were also quite impressive. Over the past a few weeks, nevertheless, I’ve listened to rumours from the HiFiMAN selection presenting several ‘stealth revisions’. They are small tweaks or changes for the headphone after release that don’t value any local community alterations for your item range, say for example a ‘version 2.0’. On many occasions, these alterations transpire because of alterations in the manufacturing procedure – maybe there’s a means to make the headphone considerably more charge properly, or even to further improve balance long term. So naturally, I had to discover what these adjustments was, especially because these three items (Sundara, Ananda and Arya) are some of my most suggested earphones at their particular prices. This analysis examines what’s altered with all the Sundara in the models I essential previously examined in the summertime of 2020.

Clarification: Considering that posting this review, there’s been some doubt about if and when any alterations towards the Sundara. The subsequent document should support make crystal clear this.

“There is certainly not any identified variation 2 of your respective HiFiMAN Sundara. Neither of these the motorists nor the mugs have experienced any changes or quiet alterations for them in earlier periods schedule season. The only changes are actually a beauty development on the airborne dirt and dust shield, and also innovations for your pad construction to ensure trustworthiness and endurance. There have not been any adjustments around the support fabric.”

The real key takeaway out of this is the fact given that it’s been across a work schedule year, those who are thinking of acquiring a Sundara and want to ensure it’s exactly like what I’ve examined here can confidently do this throughout the reputable seller.


The newest headband is quite comfy for my brain, the strap distributes body weight perfectly as well as the alterations are limited. Additionally, it doesn’t look as goofy as his or her past sq layout, there is however one minimal dilemma, the mugs fall and rise in modification but tend not to pivot whatsoever there the biceps and triceps fulfill the top of the the headband. To me, using the angled padding, this will not make a concern having said that i do feel possessing a pivot level has a tendency so they are suit much better and more comfortably for your masses.

The Sundara, although as being a planar magnet design and style, usually are not that strength starving compared to some. It is possible to very easily get very good being attentive amounts out of a portable person or mobile phone, however, they are much more in your house when nourished a transmission from the good pc setup. When paired with a good sound state amp they come in existence when it comes to sound staging and largemouth bass body weight/impact. The Hifiman Sundara are comfortable earphones, but they could be a little bit restricted on the go. They have sizeable, spacious ears servings which can be well shock-absorbing and a curved headband layout that fits better in your head compared to the HE-400i. Regrettably, the headband hinges/yokes usually do not swivel like in the HE-400i making these earbuds feel a bit firmer on the brain. On the upside, because they are well padded, you may not notice the stress just as much as several of the other over-ears we’ve examined, causing them to be secure enough to utilize for too long listening classes.

Sound Quality

Lows: The lows about the Sundara usually do not stand out and get your attention upon initially listen closely, these are a lot more in the home plodding along from the background and including a booked amount of body and impact on the seem. In which they be noticeable happens when you toss some fast moving audio at them, and merely notice them keep up with every overcome, they have truly amazing transient response. The lows are certainly not lean, and effect is backed up with rumble but they are not improved along with the affect will not be overly solid. These people have a more reference point high quality to them, in no way turning into the target but offering a fantastic amount of impact along with great flat extension down to the sub-striped bass area.

Midrange: The midrange is well balanced between the lows and highs, with superb detail and layering. The tonality may stumbled upon a small amazing for many, but the openness and visibility will be worth the trade off in my view. In contrast to some, the Sundara deals with both men and women vocals effortlessly, there is absolutely no noticeable peaks that favour the low or uppr midrange. There is a tiny increase in top of the midrange however it doesn’t stick out and also the midrange by no means gets to be too at the start. In a few methods it comes with a quite simple proceeding and clean display without inadequate detail.

Highs: Now these are the kind of levels that a majority of earbuds should aspire to get, outstanding fine detail and quality with trouble-free extension and rate, All without getting artificially increased. All those most sensitive to treble could find these to toned a little bit towards a brighter personal, nevertheless i discover them to be location up with a really processed top rated stop answer that never ever gets grating or fatiguing. The treble reaction has outstanding solution yet it can be so processed, with lots of pace to keep up with complicated blends without getting overloaded or splashy. I am really surprised by the lucidity yet refinement inside the treble from the Sundara, assessing those to a number of the rivalry these just seem correct, getting less peaky and synthetic.

Soundstaging is great general, with slightly far better level than size, nevertheless, the break-up and spatial imaging is extremely good letting a lot of atmosphere around tools without burning off coherency.

Experiencing and enjoying the SUNDARA is some type of sacred audiophile knowledge that has got to have a meditative important listening to devotion. The unsaturated amounts of nuances in musicality is like studying a completely new phrases, once effectively converted, by using best amplifier integrating achievable, you locate the facts within its music terminology which happens to be an Elegy poem about the surf of clear divisions of seem. This isn’t your standard Planar headsets, that certain is able to signal with gradation, this particular one expands in both decreased and amounts finish off effortlessly. Quietly well-balanced lively assortment, sleek breezy timbre, floatings mids as gentle-bodyweight and complicated as feathers, breakable treble with otherwordly splendour, the SUNDARA create a translucid beachfront of would seem where we are able to consider for many years musical ocean everyday life. Despite 2 months of everyday employment, these earphones still amaze me and figure out me something totally new about timbre, tonality or imaging for its exciting articulation. In rudimentary phrases, the SUNDARA audio exclusive is airy, easy with minor V design largemouth bass, a hint of warmness in timbre, really translucent and fast in transient respond to but however the attack is additional fast, it’s not too edgy, but alternatively gentle in reduce and mids with a few extra crispness within the treble.

SOUNDSTAGE is quite exclusive, very large and quite vast, it possesses a spherical spatiality onto it, occasionally you wanna turn your skin to ‘’look’’ in the source of the noise, music instrument encompassing you every aspect achievable. To obtain the greatest headroom point, you need to amp this stylish maestro well, normally, it will seem to be significantly less broad wide open and airy.

IMAGING is among the numerous capabilities of SUNDARA, because whatever the level of tools that enjoy inside the most frenzied tunes, it is going to play it within the identical active variety, with the exact same reliability, classification and clearness. Yet again, it isn’t exhibited in a medical way where it components some enhanced degrees or mids and demands it apart to meet your requirements, it merely divides all layers of seem equally and accurately. You swim in noises complexness and will recognize any device you desire, even if the position between them isn’t increased or decreased. Precise and highly unveiling is definitely the musical instrument placement, obvious could be the splitting up.

TONALITY is hyperrealist and has an increased measure of fluidity in equilibrium. Yep, they already have some water area to its middle of the-variety, keeping away from any harshness or shoutyness on the vocal company demonstration. Tonal equilibrium comes along with more drive from your treble but make sure that it stays relaxed enough.

Timbre is crystal clear, woolly, smooth on benefit, effortlessly textured and also volatile in nuance richness. I never observed anything at all just like this just before, and although it could be disconcerting at first and viewed as comfy or simply darker, it isn’t as it has innovative nuance along with it that induce your interest and ask for noiseless attention.

Striped bass is swift, thigh and easy in result. The extension is wonderful, but they’re no sub-bass raise, so it’s not packed or heavy from your rumble. It is actually rather level full-bodied bass, developing a small surge in middle of the-striped bass sounds to assist you sense some slam if needed also. The texture is lifestyle-like, specifically an acoustic tool like standard traditional acoustic or slap striped striped bass, it is actually not grainy nor dehydrated out, and never bleed on the midst of-selection. Break-up is amazing even when description is just not extremely edgy, it is actually difficult to clarify even though bass sounds involves you inside the exclusive traditional acoustic projection rendering it more attractive for your plucked striped striped bass range with standard extension than heavier thumpy synth-sub already with too little classification. Cello too audio lightweight but swift in assault and complete in tonality. I might claim that considerably more you are proceeding up in frequencies range along with the Sundara and much more the category expanded in becoming edgy and far better, remedy always staying at highest levels feasible.

MIDS are reduced fat in enterprise presentation, extremely well layered with nuance in look and invasion. The amount of transparency is extraordinary, as well as tonal counsel. Vocal singing contains a large airy show on their behalf, it’s not overly intimate plus typical in timbre with suitable amp coupling. The information is very delicate, which i will not listen to any stressful grain or sibilance even though they’re a little drive in top mids that may make female performer a tad bit more radiant and give. A musical instrument like saxophone seem outstanding, total and airy, using a very articulate tonal modulation, adding it’s airy tiers delicately over other appears to be ranges. The key-board is a bit significantly less realist regardless if highly clear and nuanced, this device benefits more excess weight in remember effect in midst from the-array being properly discernable in understated pitch adjust that the Sundara timbre will not be likely to supply completely. Once we pay attention to violin, this is actually once more real delight equally as if we can easily follow seem projection decay in spatiality, it’s not screechy or grainy, and assault is speedy and exact, actually, I rarely observed violin taking pleasure in as great than through the Sundara, it’s typical, airy, nimble and highly precise in tonality and timbre. Using this sort of fantastic Monitor from Sokratis Sinopoulus Quartet, the Lyra noises so airy, organic, see through and effectively-layered above other equipment, it can be near surrealist, too, entire-bodied conventional traditional acoustic striped bass maintains within the back properly articulated, when nicely cope with keyboard and sparkly percussions are from either side.

TREBLE is in all probability the greater stunning and energic part of SUNDARA, yet not inside an hostile distressing way, but delicately snappy one particular. They are typically extremely unveiling sounding earphones plus they easily look a great deal of mini information and facts. Oddly, I cannot consider these amazing, but sure unique and sharp, the levels are light-weight-body weight in decay so whatever how quick may be the percussions or tools assault, it never combine or distort in transient answer. Also, amounts tend not to seem to be unbalanced with the remainder of your assortment, they keep at the back of mids and better mids. Their that means is sharper than less difficult mids levels. Traditional acoustic tool seem to be incredibly crystal clear, using a tip of metallic beauty, it really is not quite as full sounding because i would really like but make its articulation faster which sharpens overall imaging. Harpsichord provides the exact same coldish treatment in timbre, but you can now pay attention to Pierre Hantai actively actively playing BACH ”English Suites” and acquire apart all take note separately. I’m not responsive to treble, and even though the SUNDARA isn’t soft in uppr highs, I feel no man or woman will discover them violent.

Build Quality Of Hi-fi Sundara Review

The Hifiman Sundara are a good update towards the HE-400i when it comes to build quality. They have a mostly aluminum style that believes resilient and high quality. The ear canal cup hinges/yokes especially have been remodeled, to higher handle actual physical tension. They generally do not swivel anymore and are produced from one particular part of metallic that can not crack as easily as being the plastic material yokes in the HE-400i. The ears mugs also feel much better constructed and more higher-finish, since the grills around the wide open-back glasses do not move like in the previous version. The headband straps and also the plastic-type material parts connecting the yokes to the headband look like the most susceptible things on these earbuds, but overall they will be more durable than a lot of the other HiFiMan models.


  • Bluetooth Version  No Bluetooth
  • Multi-Device Pairing  No
  • NFC Pairing  No
  • Line Of Sight Range  N/A
  • PC Latency (SBC)  N/A
  • PC Latency (aptX)  N/A
  • PC Latency (aptX HD)  N/A
  • PC Latency (aptX-LL)  N/A
  • iOS Latency  N/A
  • Android Latency  N/A

These headsets are cabled and you should not have a Bluetooth link. If you need a good-sounding wireless headset, then think about the Bose QuietComfort 35 II. The cabled relationship of the headsets has minimal latency which is suited to video gaming and house-live theatre use.


The Hifiman Sundara are excellent-sounding headsets having a cosy but slightly restricted match. They’re an outstanding selection for essential being attentive, thanks to their open style and planar magnetic individuals that assist produce a great soundstage, imaging and frequency reaction. They’re also greater developed than some of the other open over-ears that we’ve examined and a definite development in the HE-400i. Nevertheless, they may noise a bit sharp on some tracks, and they’re only ideal for one use circumstance. See our referrals for the best audiophile headphones, the best earphones and the greatest recording studio earphones.


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