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How to connect any Bluetooth Headphone with Your Nintendo Switch

How to connect any Bluetooth Headphone with Your Nintendo Switch

There are no two ways about it: we love the Nintendo Switch. It’s a fantastic little console innovation, with its portability and Joy-Cons providing a plethora of new ways to play.

It also helps that the console already has a huge library of classic games. However, one of the few flaws is that it was not built with wireless audio in mind. That means there’s no built-in Bluetooth, which is a pain when it comes to listening to music while playing games. However, there are a few ways to connect to it through Bluetooth; continue reading to learn how.

Purchase a Bluetooth Adapter

To be frank, this is the easiest solution, and you can tell it’s common because there are so many choices on the market right now. Various companies have understood that people want wireless audio for their Turn and have stepped in to fill the void.

These adapters are all fairly similar, but they are available in two different models. One can connect to the Switch’s USB-C charging port, allowing you to listen to music while holding it in your hands. The other will be plugged into the USB port on the Switch Dock, allowing you to listen to it when watching it on TV. Most people are likely to want the portable adapter, in our opinion.

This option from Gulikit is a great choice because it’s dependable and simple to use, and because it avoids a bargain-basement price, the build quality is strong enough to last. Best of all, it avoids the need for docking by providing a small adapter that allows it to operate while the Switch is connected to your television.

Any Bluetooth headphones you have will work on the Switch with this little piece of equipment, so you can pair it with whatever you want. In any case, enjoy the crystal clear audio!

Get a dedicated headset

If you don’t already have a pair of headphones, you may want to consider getting a headset to use with your Switch. Some of these do, in reality, have wireless adapters for use with the Switch.

By a long shot, the new edition of SteelSeries’ Arctis 1 Wireless is our pick. This is a fantastic headset that is reasonably priced, sounds amazing, and is very comfortable to use. The best part is that it comes with a small wireless adapter that you can plug into the Switch to give you audio independence.

In reality, it’s a wise investment because it works with Sony’s PlayStation consoles and, in the most recent version, Microsoft’s Xbox line as well. That means you can use a single headset for all of your needs, which is rare these days.


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