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JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS True Wireless Earbuds [Review]

JBL CLUB PRO+ TWS True Wireless Earbud [Review] in 2021

The JBL Team PRO+ TWS Truly Wireless (wireless-headphones) are very well-built, secure headphones. Because of their ANC characteristic, they are able to block out an excellent level of track record noise. Their normal seem user profile is incredibly simple and well balanced, and the parametric EQ and presets within the JBL Earbuds app allows you to customize their noise in your preference. Whilst their 7.4-hour steady life of the battery may not previous through longer days on-the-go, their transportable recharging situation gives three added expenses.

Last updated on May 20, 2024 11:33 am

  • Minimalist design
  • Superb Noise Isolation
  • Comfortable, stable fit.
  • No water-resistant

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The JBL CLUB PRO+ is straightforward truly wireless in-ears earbuds. Like the Jabra Elite 85t Truly Wireless , they’re a bit heavy, and they stay out of your ears slightly. They come in a streamlined, all-black style, with silver logo decorations on the effect-sensitive surface areas.


The JBL Club PRO+ are comfy. They don’t put plenty of tension in your ear, that is good, and they also shouldn’t trigger lots of fatigue throughout your long being attentive periods. Nevertheless, some fans may well not that way the buds stick out your ears because of their cumbersome style.


The JBL Team PRO Plus have acceptable controls. About the proper bud, you are able to touch once to experience/pause, a second time to skip forward to the next path, and thrice to skip straight back to the earlier track. In the still left bud, you may tap to transform ANC on/Ambient on/off and tap a second time for talkthrough. Tap and carry either bud to productive the tone of voice asst ., and increase-faucet either bud to reply to/conclusion/mute/unmute. There’s some music comments, and their effect-vulnerable work surface is incredibly responsive. You can also change the handles using the JBL Headsets application. Even so, if you’re only employing one bud whilst the other expenses, you drop some control characteristics since they’re divide involving the right and left buds.


The JBL Club PRO Plus are extremely mobile. Like the majority of truly wi-fi in-the ears, these people have a small, lightweight layout, so they easily fit into your wallets. They have a small hauling case, that ought to in shape in the bank or case very easily.


The truth is useful. It’s mostly made of plastic material, which seems solid and sturdy. There’s a magnet to carry the buds in place while they’re asking. Normally the one Directed gentle near to the charging port reveals the charging standing, and there are two LED lights in the circumstance for each and every bud.

Build Quality

The JBL Club PRO+ are impressively created. They’re mostly made of plastic-type material, which believes strong and sturdy. They have three sizes of ear canal suggestions, however, these seem to be potentially weakened than other parts in the construct.


The JBL Club PRO+ have got a steady match. They must be in your ears during casual paying attention periods and reduced-power exercises, like exercising. However, they may tumble from the the ears during substantial-intensity workout routines given that they don’t have steadiness fins.

Sound Profile

The sound profile of the JBL CLUB PRO Plus is relatively neutral and balanced, making it perfect for listening to a wide range of audio content. You may change their sound profile with the parametric EQ and presets in their companion app if you want a different sound.

Bass Accuracy

The bass accuracy on these headphones is outstanding. The entire range is flat and balanced, allowing you to hear the thump and punch of bass music without being overpowered.

Mid Accuracy

The mid-accuracy of these headphones is incredible. The primary instruments and vocals are clear, present, and detailed. There’s a small dip in the mid-mid that may push these instruments to the rear of the mix, but it’s not perceptible.

Treble Accuracy

The treble precision of the JBL CLUB PRO Plus is superb. Sibilants like S and T sounds are present and bright, while vocals and lead instruments seem present and precise.


Although there is some frequency mismatch between the L/R drivers of our test unit, the JBL CLUB PRO Plus has excellent peaks and dips performance. The low-bass has a modest peak, so you can truly feel the pounding in bass-heavy music. The mid-mids dip pushes vocals and lead instruments to the rear of the mix, while the high-mids peak can make those same instruments seem honky. Sibilants can be alternately piercing and dull due to the irregular mid-treble.


The imaging on these headphones is excellent. Their weighted group delay is below the threshold of audibility, giving in tight bass and transparent treble. While the phase responses of our test unit’s L/R drivers are well-matched, their amplitude and frequency responses are not. As a result, items such as footsteps and instruments in the stereo image may not be precisely located and localised. These results, however, are only valid for our test unit, therefore yours may differ.

Passive Soundstage

The passive soundstage on the JBL CLUB PRO Plus is horrible. They bypass the outer ear, which is one of the major aspects in creating a speaker-like soundstage, thanks to their in-ear construction. The soundstage of closed-back headphones like the Apple AirPods 2 Truly Wireless 2019 is also smaller than open-back headphones like the Apple AirPods 2 Truly Wireless 2019.

Noise Isolation

The noise isolation on the JBL CLUB PRO Plus is excellent. They do a good job of blocking out bass-heavy background noises like bus and airline engines thanks to their ANC feature. Because they perform better with higher-frequency noises, you shouldn’t be able to hear employees speaking nearby or the hum of a nearby air conditioner. In the mid and treble regions, however, their ANC functions quite similarly to its passive capabilities.


The leaking performance of the JBL CLUB PRO Plus is exceptional. They don’t leak a lot of sound, and the sound that does escape is incredibly thin, so you may listen to music loudly without bothering those around you.

Recording Quality

The recording quality of the microphone is adequate. Your voice is clear and natural, although it has a thin tone to it.

Noise Handling

The noise management of the microphone is adequate. Even in a fairly busy environment, it has trouble distinguishing your speech from background noises.


The battery life of the JBL CLUB PRO Plus is excellent. They last 7.4 hours on a single charge with their ANC on, which is longer than the JBL Live Pro+ TWS True Wireless. Their portable charging bag provides around three additional charges. They also have an auto-off timer that you can modify via the app to assist save battery life. While you can use one bud while the other charges, you’ll only be able to use a portion of the controls.


The Bluetooth connectivity on the JBL CLUB PRO Plus is adequate. It’s regrettable that they don’t allow NFC or multi-device pairing. Also, their latency is likely too high for watching movies on PCs and Android smartphones, however they perform slightly better on iOS devices. Because some programmes adjust for delay, your actual experience may differ.


The JBL Club PRO Plus are adequate for mixed utilization. These people have a natural seem account and lots of seem customization alternatives. Because of their ANC attribute, they are able to block out track record sounds typically located in a busy office or throughout your drive. They’re dependable enough to put on to a health club, also. Nonetheless, because of the great latency with Computers, they aren’t appropriate for wireless network game playing.

The JBL Club PRO+ is perfect for simple audio. Out-of-the-box, their balanced, natural noise user profile makes them suited to a wide array of sound content. When you prefer a different noise, you can customize them while using parametric EQ and presets from the JBL Headsets application.


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