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Massdrop x AKG K7XX [Review]

Massdrop x AKG K7XX Review

Massdrop is renowned for taking alliance products for their web store and is particularly renowned for doing this with well-respectable firms from the audio business. Their partnership with AKG ended in the Massdrop x AKG K7XX, a revisited K702 with the exact same look but some other adjusting. They have been widely lauded as great over-hearing headsets and it is now my turn to confirm that – they actually are fantastic.

The AKG K7XX will come in a cardboard container with the stylish windows to peek at the headphones inside of. It’s not sophisticate or luxurious (it’s rather utilitarian, really), but it meets the attention with no worries. As well as the earphones, the box supports the cord plus a 3.5 millimetres to 6.3 millimetres adaptor. You can find no expensive extras. Equally this reality and also the utilitarian packing are organic implications from the affordable price: to be able to decrease expenses, AKG and Massdrop chose to cut about the needless frills – and product packaging was one of those particular, in this case. I can’t fault them for this selection, in fact, the AKG K7XX attempt to deliver the highest possible value and I think that it is totally reasonable to reduce these facets of a product. That is only my own opinion – you’re free to disagree, needless to say.

Design & Comfort

The AKG K7XX are unequivocally AKG with their design. All the cues that created the fashion of AKG headsets renowned can be found: the plastic-type material-type materials arches by using a discontinued headband, the greater earcups engrossed in holes… These are generally quintessentially AKG. And that’s a very good component, since this is a style that works well and yes it works pretty nicely, too!

This is also a constrained version reddish version – the only person within the variety, as not one other variant through the K7yy collection headsets (making use of the “y” as opposed to the usual “x” for evident reasons…) by AKG has reddish coloured functions we wanted Michael regarding how little this design is, after which he revealed to me there’s a limited source easily available, nevertheless we did not have any information on how a lot of you can get – whenever you are enthusiastic about acquiring the Red Release, buy it before it’s away from stock!

The headphones are entirely made of plastic: the earcups, the structure as well as every other aspect is simply basic plastic-type material. Luckily, it’s good quality plastic material. You will find only two parts that are not plastic: the headband, which is made of legitimate leather material, and also the metallic moving works with that connect the headband on the frame. These are then linked to the earcups using rubber bands, to enable them to adapt to the dimensions of the wearer’s go. You will find no creaks or any other warning signs of bad quality construction to the contrary, they show up fairly sound. Really the only achievable complaint is the fact that moving of the headband is not perfectly easy – but it’s just an artistic defect, mainly because it functions perfectly properly. Provided the buying price of the earphones, there’s absolutely nothing to whine about.

The AKG K7XX are insanely comfortable when we go ahead and take headband out of your formula. I am used to wearing earbuds with huge padding (e.g. HiFiMAN HE-560, Sennheiser HD 6XX), however, the AKG K7XX will be in a category of their own. Their padding are very huge! This, combined with the fact they’re smooth and taken care of in velour, tends to make me barely discover they are there. The headsets may also be incredibly light-weight (297 g), which really helps in causing them to be convenient. The only real issue for this front side is definitely the headband, which has no support whatsoever – an issue that my extremely practical scalp doesn’t like excessive. Getting a bit amount of extra padding, simply a flattened fabric handkerchief, definitely makes the K7XX significantly better (and that’s the way I put them on, really).


The cord has an XLR3 connector on one aspect and a 3.5 mm jack in the other, even though there exists a line to attach a 6.3 millimetres jack adaptor on. The cord by itself is the common earbuds cable television protected in plastic without having unique visual or useful characteristic it appears and feels like the average cable tv and does not have the “premium” connotation headsets such as the AKG K7XX have. This may not be to characterise it as a terrible however, it really is rather efficient and serves its goal very well. It really concedes nothing to appearance (which is why you will find a niche for upgraded cables, I assume). Its 3m span will make it really convenient to be used with property live theatre setups or related circumstances where resource may be far-away. This too will help in order to use the earbuds for game playing.

As it is XLR3, it precludes the AKG K7XX from being able to use a well-balanced connection: even employing an XLR4 connector on the amplifier part, there would be not a way to then bring all of the four collections for the headphones. The sole answer will be to re-wire the headsets to incorporate a collection so that there would be independent +/- facial lines for both stations.

Sound Quality

The 1st 2 things that hit me concerning the AKG K7XX when I heard them have been the soundstage along with the powerful collection. They are truly amazing and I also do see why they can be recognized a lot just for these two elements.

The soundstage is big. It sounds incredibly large, so much in fact that it seems like an extremely large place – certainly not a live concert hallway, but definitely larger than your usual earbuds. What is amazing is that it is not merely very wide, but additionally serious. It really is accompanied by an exact imaging potential that areas tools with high precision around the stage, making better use of offered space and distributing the equipment around the point, supplying each its own spot and thus rendering it an easy task to identify them. It is so good I bought tricked more often than once by how precise it is: as being a useful instance, there are a few drumbeats in most Or Absolutely nothing In Any Way by Scott Hamilton, Aldo Zunino and Alfred Kramer that look far and positioned for the far proper – plus they are very well duplicated which i considered they were sounds inside the room close to my own, and so i needed to twice-verify they actually were actually from the saving! Tool divorce is great, and it also enables you to stick to each instrument effortlessly even in the most crowded monitors (e.g. Developed Men and women by Snarky Puppy) – also due to the simple fact they’re put into various areas.

While I quickly mentioned before, the powerful range is probably the greatest attributes of the AKG K7XX. The headsets have the ability to recreate both loud and smooth sounds concurrently without making gentler seems lose classification or generating louder sounds less noisy – quite simply, the dynamic collection is safeguarded and there is very little compression (if any). This is particularly visible with songs for example Molino Moreno by Snarky Pet, exactly where there is a great deal of instruments taking part in together such as fingers clapping and drums. These stick out and so are noticeably even louder in comparison to the relaxation, when you would count on these to be, whilst men and women rooting from the masses are far less noisy than the tools enjoying but they are still perfectly perceptible (with a lower quantity, too). There is certainly a wide range of quantities demonstrated simultaneously, that makes the songs far more living and correct to reality.

This all results in a remarkably neat and very clear sound, which encompasses the listener by having an extraordinary amount of details. The AKG K7XX really have you feeling there, as they could get the right mixture of specifics, dynamics, soundstage, imaging and tonality that almost causes you to feel as though you will be listening to a are living performance. It is merely an illusion, obviously, and a bit of an exaggeration on my small aspect, because there is no chance to recreate the particular feeling of playing a are living efficiency – yet it is really next to the better of what headsets can do.

That is not all. AKG maintained to get the tuning right, as well, and created a very well balanced, if hot, unique that is certainly wonderful whichever category you opt to pay attention to.

The less location is satisfyingly serious and extremely well handled, with the correct amount of existence being heard and noticed (and even a bit more in an attempt to noise a little warm). It is going as deep as 20 Hz, although there is some roll-off going on between 20 and 30 Hz. At 30 Hz striped bass is fully perceptible and present, which happens to be quite an achievement. This degree presents lows influence and energy, as well as a full body. There’s a tiny bump within the the middle of-largemouth bass area that lends the seem a warmer visual appeal, but it is not important enough to feel unnatural or overpowering – on the other hand, it can be so mild and finely manufactured that this enhances the music without consuming anything from it. Striped bass then runs to sign up for the mids with no turbulences. Largemouth bass is incredibly well managed: every one of the smaller sized nuances emerge and so are exhibited in plain vision (or ordinary hearing, if you wish), so they are quite simple to listen to even just in congested songs. It is this very same very good management that makes transients really quick and able to provide you with the proper feeling of effect. Drums, such as individuals in The Far Part around the world from the Learn and Commander soundtrack, sound really fast and correct: not merely am I in a position to truly feel them, nevertheless i am also able to listen to details including the bouncing in the sticks around the leather material at the same time. This makes largemouth bass incredibly apt not merely for conventional audio, but also for modern, bass sounds-heavy styles.

Midrange is not really as smooth as bass sounds, but it is notable however. Things I imply is it will not be as linear, as it has a handful of pros and cons that ensure that is stays clear of neutrality – but do not get harmony apart. On the other hand, midrange is quite well-balanced and pleasurable, as it has no extreme surges or dips that could help it become sound unnatural or – well – unbalanced. There is certainly a small emphasis on the lower area, followed by a dip around 3 kHz after which some emphasis again following it. The dip is important, but I never experienced it unless I as specifically seeking it. An added focus on top of the location makes brass instruments and other equipment with a substantial-pitched aspect (feel violins, for example) a lot more current and lively. Although certainly not bright, the audio presents itself a lot more vibrant in my opinion for this reason. Much like the lows, the mids have good speed and management the amount of fine detail is amazing, even more so thinking of exactly how the depth is stored even during packed tracks.

Treble is a slight tad emphasised from the reduce place, however is a bit jerky with a lot of good and the bad and is also therefore tough to illustrate. As far as my seeing and hearing will go (~17 kHz) it can be well expanded, preserving very good amount even with the highest frequencies. I guess this (together with the stage) is mainly responsible for the breadth in the soundstage. There is a whole hold of specifics from the treble area, which comes like a good surprise. Info is not introduced assertively, shoved in your ears rather, they’re located there to be able to decide on them up. That is to express that treble is never aggressive or fatiguing, but is rather put forward enough within the mix to get easily perceptible. It can be not laid-again, both. This combo is a superb undermine, one who allows me to easily pick up every little thing – and up towards the more compact subtleties and micro-particulars – but stopping treble from being harsh and fatiguing, in order that I could hear the K7XX for many hours on stop.

When compared to Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX, the AKG K7XX usually screen far more popular bass sounds and treble. Bass is greater and more bodily, with a greater influence midrange is milder as being the top collection is recessed treble is a lot more notable and a lot more extended and thus shows details a lot more. The K7XX is a lot more energetic and engaging, in contrast to the HD 6XX is more set-back and clean. Soundstage is significantly wider, when musical instrument separation appears to be much better within the feeling that devices are better dispersed throughout the stage and they are thus simpler to locate, but they’re otherwise not very far off each other in their capacity to differentiate equipment. I might not state that one is superior to one other – more that they are diverse.

A compact, final note about tips on how to begin using these headphones. I view the AKG K7XX advised as “gaming headphones” on a regular basis. I will weigh up in in the concern and explain how they function fantastically as game playing earbuds: even if we had been for taking convenience out from the situation, the imaging and regularity response from the K7XX get them to fantastic when you enjoy video games since they spotlight all of the proper issues and give you an exact spatial representation of the appears to be within the online game, so you will almost always be aware about what’s occurring surrounding you.


Finding wonderful Headphones (by audiophile criteria) will not be a simple task in and also itself. There is a good amount of good earphones on the market, however, not a lot of great earphones – especially at $200 or significantly less. The Massdrop by AKG K7XX are indeed great earphones however you examine them – plus they would still be at two times their cost. Although they will not offer you fancy supplies or sophisticated designs, they are well-developed and comfortable enough. What issues most, even so, is audio – and is particularly downright extraordinary exactly what the K7XX attain at their cost stage. It is hard to beat these outstanding headphones, especially if you are looking for a very large soundstage with fantastic musical instrument splitting up.

Should you really then purchase these headsets? If comfortable (yet well-balanced) adjusting with a little bit of treble focus is the issue, then definitely proceed: the AKG K7XX are really equipped headsets that could meet even most stressful audiophiles. They may be so great I may say they can be a necessity-have.


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