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Microsoft Surface 2 Headphones [Review]: King of Elegance!

Microsoft Surface 2 Headphones [Review]: King of Elegance!

The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 will be the technician giant’s next couple of Noise-cancelling headphones, plus they provide a bunch of fantastic changes within the initial Surface Headsets whilst retaining a selection of their greatest attributes.

Regardless of those enhancements – which includes longer battery life plus more cozy design – the Surface headphones 2 are considerably cheaper than their predecessors, which makes them the most obvious choice if you’re seeking to make a choice from the two.

That lower price also causes them to be a great alternative for the finest earbuds of 2020, the Sony WH-1000XM3, specifically as they’ve retained the winning layout highlights of the very first Area Headphones, with built-in dials on each earcup to control your songs and also the active noises cancellation.

Whilst the audio high quality on offer here doesn’t quite live up to the criteria set up through the XM3s, the outer lining Headphones 2 certainly keep their own personal. A comfortable, large soundstage makes for a pleasant listening encounter and enables a good amount of room for different instruments to develop in just a monitor.

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  • Spectacular Omnisonic sound wraps you in your favorite music, shows, and more.
  • On-ear dials let you adjust volume or keep it quiet with 13 levels of active noise cancellation.
  • Soft, over-ear pads are breathable, lightweight and comfortable.
  • Intuitive touch controls let you skip tracks, answer/end calls, and get hands-free assistance.
  • Power through your day with up to 18.5 hours of music listening time[2] or up to 15 hours of voice calling on Microsoft Teams[4]. And, listen to almost an hour of music with just a 5-minute charge

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The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 seem virtually identical to their forerunner, the Microsoft Surface wireless headphones. They’ve obtained an entirely light-weight grey appear with wide ears cups as well as a simple headband layout. The only real new issue with their fashion is that now you may spin the ear glasses 180° so that the ears mugs can lay down a level on the dinner table. They also come in matte black if you need something which doesn’t stand out.


The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 are light over-ear headphones that ought to be comfortable enough for very long listening training. The ear cups are very-shock absorbing and made from a silicon-like material that doesn’t set lots of stress on the go. However, some could find the hearing mugs a bit short.


The Microsoft Surface area Headsets 2 have superb handles that happen to be simple and easy , instinctive to work with. The same as their forerunner, there is a feel-sensitive surface area on both ear canal cups that utilizes some faucets to manipulate call and songs directions. There’s also an infinity dial on each glass. The kept call adjusts the amount of sound cancelling while the right manages volume level. There’s additionally a standard sound fast for that noise cancelling regulates. The earbuds beep if you reach the minutes/maximum of each and every dial manage.

Build Quality

The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 are-constructed and durable earphones. They’re made from thick plastic material along with the headband is bolstered with a lean, aluminium framework. They believe durable enough to live a few unintentional declines.


The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 are fairly steady over-ear, to help you wear them in a walk within the park. There is a reasonable clamping power, which assists to keep them from getting around too much on your head. They’re also wireless, so there are actually no cable connections which could get snagged on one thing unless you’re utilizing them with their included audio cord.

Noise Isolation

The noises solitude the overall performance of the Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 is great. At their greatest ANC environment, they assist to block out some low sounds much like the rumble of shuttle and aircraft motors. They are doing a more satisfactory job of reducing chatter, however, and they also really help in lowering more high-pitched sound for example the hum of any/C products. However, if you require a tiny significantly fewer noises isolation, you may adjust their options with all the call on the left earcup.


The Microsoft Work surface Headsets 2 have excellent Bluetooth connectivity. They could simultaneously set with as many as two gadgets at a time, and unlike the 1st generation of Surface Headphones, they operate on Bluetooth version 5. and support the aptX codec. About the negative aspect, their PC latency is very higher. When internet streaming YouTube video lessons, their iOS latency is almost high too, even though Android appears to be much less. However, some apps and gadgets often make up for this difference, which means that your actual-community utilization will likely fluctuate.

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The Microsoft Surface area Headsets 2 are definitely the next technology of the Microsoft Surface Wireless Headphones. They’re almost identical in both appearance and satisfaction to their predecessor as they’ve stored the identical secure style with straightforward-to-use manages. Even so, they now assistance Bluetooth 5. and utilize an aptX codec. There is a fantastic, adjustable lively noise cancelling characteristic however it isn’t enough for them to stay ahead of the other pack, specifically considering that, at their cost-point, their major competitors are definitely the better ANC performing Bose QuietComfort 35 II/QC35 II Wireless 2018 or even the Sony WH-1000XM3 Wireless

Verdicts By Usage

Mixed Usage

The Microsoft Surface headphones 2 are alright for blended-use. Thanks to their fantastic, adjustable productive disturbance cancelling, you may choose simply how much seem you would like to block out, which happens to be great when you’re on-the-shift. They’re also comfy and they’ve obtained a 16-hour or so battery, so you can use them for the complete workday, rather than be worried about the need to refresh them without delay. When they don’t get the most natural sound account, it is possible to customize the direction they audio utilizing their partner iphone app. They’re also fully appropriate for Laptop or computer, PS4, and Xbox One if you’re using their TRRS music cable.


The Microsoft Surface Headsets 2 are perfect for commute and travel. They have got fantastic energetic disturbance cancellation that’s also variable so that you can block out tour bus or plane motor sound after which decrease it if you wish to listen to getting on calls. They’re also comfortable and lightweight enough to use for long vacation days, and although they’re bulky, their ear mugs can swivel to put into their hauling situation or perhaps in your backpack. They likewise have a 16-hour or so battery lifespan, that ought to very last via a drive or perhaps some extended-haul routes before they must be charged yet again.

Sports and Fitness

The Microsoft Surface Earbuds 2 are decent for sports and physical fitness. These over-ears headsets are a small cumbersome however if you’re utilizing them wirelessly, you will find no cables that will get snagged as you transfer. They’re also comfortable and fairly steady enough for any light-weight work in the playground. They’ve received exceptional, easy-to-use manages way too, which happens to be wonderful if you wish to quickly go on a call or ignore monitors.

Phone Calls

The Microsoft Surface Headphones 2 are below average for phone calls. They already have both an internal mic within their ear canal cups plus an in-collection mic on their own provided music cable. As we only examined the included mic, this mic carries a mediocre taking good quality, that makes your sound noise lean, muffled, and missing details. It also has trouble separating your voice from track record disturbance, in moderately noisy conditions. With that being said, these earbuds have wonderful energetic sound cancelling so that you can hear what’s being stated around the other range much more plainly.


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