Sony MDR-ZX110NC review

The Sony MDR-ZX110NC are below average combined usage earbuds which may have respectable audio reproduction and don’t drip very much. Unfortunately, they believe cheaply produced and poorly isolate the audience from ambient noises. They don’t fare well in noisy, loud situations and possess no manage options when connected to your cell phone which happens to be disappointing.


The Sony MDR-ZX110NC are respectable-seeking headsets but offer you absolutely nothing outstanding making use of their fashion. They have a matte all-black colour. The ears cups have got a stylized back deal with that brings a little more flair towards the layout. These headphones won’t stand out, however, their modest style will work for some.


The Sony MDR-ZX110NC use a lightweight layout, as well as the headband will not push too much tension around the ears. Even so, lacking padding about the headband as well as the slightly inflexible ears glasses which do not swivel, make these headphones just a little uncomfortable. Also, the little ear servings of the on-hearing design might not be for everyone.


Key structure and functionality are frustrating. There is just one noise-cancelling button, which means you may have no power over your music.

Build Quality

The construction is below-regular. The all-plastic style and thin headband appearance cheap and fails to sense resilient. The headband might snap under moderate actual tension, along with the unique hinge systems are more disadvantages with an already breakable design. The ears cups, alternatively, are relatively packed, and that is an in addition.


These headphones do not supply a stable match. They will likely easily move off your ears during great-power pursuits and would not appropriate for operating or any sort of sports use. They don’t implement enough strain to preserve their place if you lean your head. The audio cabling can also be non-easily removed, that will move the headphones off your face when they get captured on anything.

Noise Isolation

The Sony MDR-ZX110NC possess bad isolation. The ANC (productive noises cancelling) process of these headphones don’t appear to be doing much, and the efficiency is almost just like once the ANC is away from. In the bass collection, where the rumble of airline and shuttle engines sits, they don’t offer any isolation. From the middle of the-range, essential for preventing out conversation, they obtain 5dB of isolation which can be substandard. From the treble array, engaged by sharp S and T appears to be, they minimize outside sound by 21dB, which happens to be regular.


The Sony MDR-ZX110NC provide a good sound but have a lot of imperfections. Their build quality is plasticky and believes cheaply created. They’re not too stable and quickly tumble off the go during physical exercise. The lively disturbance cancellation is fragile and poorly isolate fans through the ambient noise of loud environments. The good news is, they don’t problem very much and won’t disrupt the individuals near you even at higher amounts.


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