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TOZO NC2 Truly Wireless Headphone [Review]: Best Waterproof Headphone

TOZO NC2 Truly Wireless Headphone

The TOZO NC2 truly wireless headphones are well-made. They have a battery life of over 10 hours and come with a case that can carry three additional charges. Because of their slightly v-shaped sound profile, your music will have more rumble and bite, while instruments and vocals will sound more present and vivid. They don’t have an equalizer, so you can’t change the sound. They have a disappointing and ineffective active noise canceling (ANC) feature, particularly when it comes to blocking out bass-range noise like rumbling engines, unlike the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless.


The Tozo NC2 Truly Wireless in-ear headphones are truly wireless and have a slimmer, less bulky design than the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless. They’re identical to the Apple AirPods 2 Truly Wireless 2019 in that they’re made of gleaming black plastic and have stems that point down from your ears when worn.


The TOZO NC2 are a comfortable pair of shoes. They have a light feel to them, and using their touch controls should not cause any discomfort to your ears. They do, however, switch around a little and you will need to reposition them from time to time. Fortunately, they come with a range of earbud tips in various sizes, allowing you to find the right match.


TOZO NC2 has excellent controls. You can switch between ANC and Ambient mode by clicking the left earbud once. Ambient mode helps you to hear sounds around you. Tapping it twice skips back to the previous track, and keeping it turns the volume down. Keep the right earbud to raise the sound. You can also play/pause by tapping the right bud once, and skip forward by tapping twice. When you get a phone call, tap one earbud once to respond and hold the other to hang up or decline the call. By triple tapping either earbud, you can also trigger the voice assistant. You can also play/pause in mono mode by clicking either earbud.

If you’ve mastered the controls, they’re simple to use, but the touch surfaces could be more sensitive. When you pair the headphones with a smartphone or switch between ANC and Transparency mode, you’ll hear voice prompts, as well as beeps when you change the volume or track.


The TOZO NC2 are remarkably breathable, like most in-ear headphones. Their design doesn’t trap a lot of heat, so you shouldn’t sweat more than usual while wearing them.


Like most completely wireless in-ears, the TOZO NC2 are incredibly compact. They’re tiny and thin, and they come with a small carrying case that will fit into most pockets and bags.


The TOZO NC2 earbuds come with a sturdy hard plastic case that can be used to charge them. It’s smaller and less rounded than the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless case, and should fit into most pockets and bags. On the back, there’s a pairing button, and four LED lights on the front show how much battery life the case has left.

Build Quality

The build quality of the TOZO NC2 Genuinely Wireless is outstanding. While the squishy earbud tips appear to be less sturdy, they’re lightweight and made of glossy plastic that feels strong. However, they should be able to withstand some slight bumps and drops without too much damage. They also have an IPX6 water resistance rating, which we don’t measure at the moment.


The TOZO NC2 has a strong degree of stability. Since they lack stability fins, they can fall out of your ears even if you aren’t moving around much. Fortunately, they come with many different-sized tips, allowing you to customise the fit to your ear size.

Noise Cancelling

The noise isolation efficiency of these headphones is disappointing. The headphones passively block just as much noise as they do when the ANC feature is turned on. Their ANC does not out block bass-range noise, such as the rumble of bus and plane engines, unlike the TOZO NC9 Completely Wireless. It just blocks out mid-range noise such as background voices or the hum of an air conditioner.


The battery life of these headphones is adequate. They have a continuous battery life of over 10 hours, so you should be able to get through an entire workday with them. Their case will carry three more charges, giving them a total battery life of more than 40 hours, which is excellent for truly wireless headphones and much superior to the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless. They also recover easily, taking less than an hour and a half to do so. You can use one earbud while the other loads, which is very convenient. However, battery efficiency varies with real-world use, so your results can vary.


The Bluetooth communication on the TOZO NC2 is satisfactory. They don’t support NFC or multi-device pairing, and they have a lot of latency when connected to PCs, so they’re not suitable for watching videos or playing games on your phone. On iOS and Android devices, however, they have a lower latency. Furthermore, some apps seem to compensate for latency, so real-world results can vary.

Sound Profile

The sound profile of the TOZO NC2 is slightly v-shaped. The bass range is overemphasised, giving mixes more thud and punch, although some listeners may find their music muddy or boomy. Sibilants such as S and T are also a little piercing. They don’t come with an app that has an EQ and presets.

Bass Accuracy

The bass accuracy of the TOZO NC2 is excellent. Because the bass range is overemphasised, the mixes sound thumpy and punchy, which should appeal to EDM and hip-hop lovers. Although their sound profile isn’t as bass-heavy as the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless, some listeners may find them muddy or boomy.

Mid Accuracy

The TOZO NC2 has outstanding mid-range accuracy. The selection is well-balanced and neutral. Lead instruments and voices are pushed back by a little dip in the mid-mid range, but they remain present and distinct.

Treble Accuracy

The treble precision of the TOZO NC2 is excellent. The low-treble is underemphasized, which obscures the instruments and vocals. The mid-treble overemphasis makes lead instruments and singers sound more present and bright, but it also makes sibilants like S and T sounds and cymbals sound harsher.


The TOZO NC2 performs admirably in terms of peaks and dips. Lead instruments and voices are pushed back by a decrease in the mid-mids, while a peak in the high-mids adds harshness. The comprehensibility of vocals and instruments may be harmed by a little fall in the low treble, but it shouldn’t be too obvious. Sibilant sounds, such as cymbals, have a piercing quality due to a peak in the mid-treble.


The TOZO NC2 has great imaging capabilities. Because the group delay is below the audibility threshold, the bass and treble reproduction are tight and transparent. Also, the phase, frequency, and amplitude responses of the L/R drivers in our test unit are well-matched, so items like footfall and voices are precisely located inside the stereo image. However, these findings are only applicable to our test unit, and your experience may differ.

Passive Soundstage

Like other in-ear headphones, the TOZO NC2 Truly Wireless has a terrible passive soundstage. They don’t interact with your outer ear because of their design, so music appears to come from inside your head rather than all around you. They also sound less open and spacious than open-back headphones due to their closed-back design.


The TOZO NC2 has excellent leakage resistance. They don’t leak a lot of sound, and the noise that does escape is thin. Even if you listen to your music at high volumes, it shouldn’t affect anyone around you.

Noise Handling

The microphone’s noise handling ability is average. If you’re on the phone in a noisy area, such as a crowded street or subway station, the person on the other end may struggle to hear you.

Pros and Cons

  • IXP6
  • Touch Control Senosr
  • 8Hours and 32 Hours with the case and Bluetooth 5.2
  • Active Noise Cancellation


The TOZO NC2 is ideal for mixed use. They’re reasonably comfortable and have a continuous battery life of more than 10 hours, so you should be able to get through a long commute or day at the office with them. They’re also breathable and have a reasonably stable fit, though you may need to re-adjust them now and then. Unfortunately, their active noise cancellation (ANC) isn’t any stronger than their passive noise cancellation, so they’re not suitable for blocking out rumbling engines or background noise. Their bass-heavy sound profile does not appeal to fans of neutral sound, and they lack an EQ.

The TOZO NC2 is an excellent choice for sports and exercise. They’re very compact and breathable, like most in-ears. You can skip tracks or adjust the volume without pausing your workout because they have fine, easy-to-use touch controls. They also have an IPX6 water resistance rating, but we haven’t tested it yet. They have a reasonably comfortable fit, but you will need to re-adjust them during more rigorous workouts. On the plus hand, they come in six different tip sizes, allowing you to find your ideal match.


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