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Beats Flex [Review]: Outstanding if you’re on a budget.

Beats Flex [Review]: Outstanding if you're on a budget.

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It’s challenging to envision a more full kind of reasonably priced neckband in-ears available on the market right now, no matter if you’re an Apple iPhone or Android user. If you simply need an issue that keeps around your neck area all day long and enables you to conveniently answer telephone calls and tune in to tunes, Beats’ price range in-ear will shape the task perfectly.

Beats is probably the most stylish audio brand name for a variety of years, information that’s only cultivated since its investment by Apple inc.

With that in mind, Beats hasn’t really enjoyed a item that you may call finances. The wired Powerbeats from at the start of 2020 was more affordable, but those in-ears weren’t at the very low-end of your industry.

With Beats Flex, the organization is beginning to change that. Offering an item that’s hassle-free, modern, and that seems great for much less money than you’d believe.

Build Design

Contrary to many of the most modern-day headsets, the Is better than Flex isn’t an authentic cable-cost-free kind of buds. Alternatively, it takes impact in the Beats By, offering earbuds hooked up from an accommodating neckband. Hence the brand: Flex.

These in-the ears are pliable, light in weight, and barely apparent whenever you stay together around the back of your the neck and throat. And that’s been the joy and simplicity of any neckband earbuds really worth their sea salt. You must be able to wear them around your throat throughout the day, without seeing them, then put one or within when you wish to listen for tunes or produce a contact. Beats Flex definitely receives that appropriate.

These ‘buds are tough way too. The versatile power cord is design and style to stand up to virtually whatever you could place it through in the regular day. So when you bundle within the Flex to slide to your budget then that’s no worries. The band itself is made from a nickel-titanium alloy, and therefore not only means the cord is challenging to interrupt, in addition, it bounces back into shape after living as a coiled up soccer ball in the bank.

Ok now what these earbuds aren’t is work out earbuds. In contrast to Powerbeats, the Flex don’t have additional way to traction to your ears. There’s no over-ears catch, without any in-ear canal fin both. Beats advised us reasons with this – and a basis for the absence of a pouch way too – was that a majority of of their consumers simply don’t rely on them. And, to minimize additional needless squander, the organization opted to acquire purge.

Because of that absence of additional safety you’d get, we located when getting around – i.e. strolling together with the earbuds in – we sometimes needed to adapt the fit in the ear canal again once once in awhile. There wasn’t significantly tugging, but just the nature of the two buds getting attached indicates there’s a little shift in fit.

For the budget pair of headphones, a great deal of imagined has gone in to the design. There’s no dangling remote device model simply because Beats moved the microphone and control buttons for the neckband. That will serve numerous reasons. Firstly, it prevents the earbuds feeling like they’re being dragged from your ears.

2nd, it helps to ensure that when you’re hitting to the control buttons they’re readily accessible, and you’re not rubbing any external microphones by accident. That cuts down on the ripping-like audio that someone might listen to on the phone if you’re speaking to them over your beats headset.

3rd, the mic itself has become moved to the neckband which is set, recessed, within its own tiny holding chamber near your neck area, to maintain it sheltered from the blowing wind. It’s become a member of on that kept collar with the quantity rocker at the top, which happens to be super easy and convenient to use, in addition to the round multi-purpose option you use to play, pause and ignore songs.

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Sound Quality

When Beats announced the Powerbeats Pro in 2019, the corporation also produced a brand new custom-designed motorist by using a stronger as well as a piston-like design and style which enables adjusting a lot more precise than utilizing a traditional diaphragm-variety lecturer.

Whilst it’s not precisely the same inside the Is better than Flex, it is far more much like Powerbeats Pro than Is better than By and – so despite simply being cheaper than the By was at release – the Flex actually sounds much better than the X. There’s a quality on the vocals and particulars, even though the reduce bass remarks don’t fall away or get crunched once the volume falls away. It’s well-operated and remarkably healthy for which is actually some spending budget earbuds.

To assist that seem along there’s a twin-holding chamber design and style that can help offer the sound place to advance within the buds, although there’s another small vent externally from the casing which helps guarantee there’s no build-up of tension.

The final result is some ‘buds that’s great to listen for working day-in and day time-out. Your favourite playlists and tracks will probably be as pleasant as they ought to be. It’s not bass-hefty, and yes it doesn’t distort or over showcase the more difficult-reaching treble seems.

Of course, you might not receive the dynamic and detailed sound or discover the identical prominence from the quieter support tools and vocals as you’d locate on some earphones that happen to be 4 times the price, but also in its price collection the Flex sticks out for the audio quality. Flex is ideal for music being attentive on the run and won’t make you wishing you’d expended much more about another thing.

Likewise, all of those other aspects of its overall performance allow it to be reputable and handy. There’s the very first-era W1 scratch which makes the Flex really handy and straightforward to set along with your phone. In addition, it indicates instant revealing with any other iOS or Apple inc system you have. You even get mp3 expressing to help you reveal your audio with someone else using Apple-run earbuds.

There are actually magnets built in each ‘bud which work alongside detectors to automatically engage in and pause your audio when every you click them together or draw them separate. Likewise, if you’re wearing the Flex around your neck area and you get a contact your phone, you can simply unsnap the ‘buds and respond to the call.

For Android customers, pairing is easy enough and also you receive an app for handling any firmware up-dates and viewing battery life, to assist take characteristic parity between Android and iphone 4 end users.

You may even listen for hours on end if you need because with 12-hr life of the battery there’s ample in the aquarium to maintain you heading. When you drive to operate, that’s very good to help you get through a full week of one-hr commutes easily.


If there’s one expression to explain the Is better than Flex, it’s ‘convenience’. The style is lightweight and straightforward to utilize the seem is well-balanced and easy on the ears the magnet buds make enjoying, pausing and responding to cell phone calls really easy as well as the battery power indicates you don’t need to be concerned excessively about charging.

Will it be good to get a more secure match utilizing in-ear fins for running? Of course. But that’s the sole problem we have with the Beats Flex. And it’s a minor one thinking about you can spend a little bit more elsewhere in the array for this kind of in shape.

Overall, the Beats Flex is a truly reliable couple of earphones that won’t make you hoping you’d invested much more. It’s hard to picture a much more full neckband item at this price point.

Note: These are only available at Apple Store for now.

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