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Philips Fidelio X2HR High-Resolution Headphone [Review]

Philips X2HR headphone review

The Philips Fidelio X2HR are a great pair of wired wide open-back headphones for natural seem hearing. Their audio profile is very effectively-balanced, which makes them suited to a wide array of types and information, even though some people might discover they noise a bit piercing or dull on a number of songs. As a result of their huge, properly-cushioned ear canal cups and automatically-modifying headband, they’re comfortable, even for prolonged periods. As can be predicted with wide open-back earphones, they aren’t the most flexible while they don’t block out any track record noises, and don’t have a microphone. Overall, they’re a rather smooth and premium-hunting couple of open-back headsets.

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These headphones have a superior and trendy style. Similar to most open-back headsets, they’re quite cumbersome, however mix of aluminum and top quality plastic-type provides them a sleek and-end appearance.


These headsets are incredibly comfy. Their large ear cups are really well-shock absorbing, plus they provide an automatically-adjusting headband which can be very comfortable. While they clamp a bit more than other Philips earphones, just like the Philips SHP9500, they shouldn’t result in pain.

Build Quality

The build quality is great. Although they’re mostly manufactured from plastic, they believe dense and sound and get some additional touches of metal for reinforcement. They appear and feel a little more resilient in comparison to the Philips SHP9600 and will be able to hold up against a reasonable volume of unintended declines and bumps without maintaining injury. Their audio cable is detachable, in order to easily change it should it get damaged. Around the negative aspect, the changeable headband is located in a spot with two slim items of plastic-type that could get damaged.


Not dependable. Whilst they should remain in spot although resting at home and listening to the audio, they aren’t designed to put on whilst jogging or exercising. A good modest lean or shake of the brain triggers them to move, as well as any larger actions will probably result in them falling off the head.

Noise Isolation

Concerning be expected with open-back headphones, the Philips Fidelio X2HR have bad noise solitude. Given that the back of each ear canal mug is wide open, they don’t prohibit any background disturbance and you’ll listen to almost everything that’s happening surrounding you.


The Philips Fidelio X2HR aren’t very good headphones for merged use. They’re wondering if you’re looking for the best accurate and all-natural audio experience, because of their well-well-balanced noise profile and broad, open up the soundstage. Regrettably, considering that they’re wide open-back headsets, they aren’t the best option for travelling or employing in the workplace because they don’t obstruct any background noises and problem plenty of audio. Additionally, they aren’t stable enough for sports and don’t use a microphone for video games or calls.

Verdicts By Mixed Usage

Neutral Sound

The Philips Fidelio X2HR are wonderful earbuds for fairly neutral seem hearing. Their seem account is very well-well-balanced, although some might discover they seem a little bit dreary with some frequencies and piercing with other individuals. In addition, the shortage some low-striped bass, though this is certainly normal with open up-back headphone. Their weighted harmonic distortion is excellent, and in many cases, crucial listeners shouldn’t notice much distortion. Due to their wide open-back style, their soundstage is pretty available and natural, and they’re very regular between various users or reseats.


The Philips X2HR are unhealthy for travelling or travel. These wired earbuds provide a wide open-back layout that leaks lots of audio and obstructs out virtually no history sound. They’re made for playing tunes alone inside a committed place.


The Philips X2HR aren’t suggested for sporting activities or health and fitness. These wired over-hearing headphones have large hearing cups, and their headband isn’t the most secure. Even during lighting jogs, they’ll most likely move around a decent quantity on the go. Additionally, they prevent hardly any backdrop noises and leak a lot of audio.

Last updated on May 20, 2024 12:27 am


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