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Bose Soundwear Companion [Review]

Bose soundwear neckband speaker
Bose soundwear neck band speaker

Bose Business (/boʊz/) is surely an American manufacturing organization that predominantly sells sound products. The corporation was set up by Amar Bose in 1964 and is also operating out of Framingham, Massachusetts. Bose is advisable recognized for its house audio systems and speaker systems, Noise-canceling headsets, skilled audio products, and vehicle sound products like a speaker. Bose carries a good reputation for being particularly defensive of the patents, trademarks, and brands.

Bose Soundwear Companion Wireless Wearable Speaker - Black

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  • Comfortable and wearable, so you can enjoy music, take calls and access virtual assistants and still stay connected to the world around you
  • Patented waveguide technology, digital signal processing and upward facing speakers surround you in deep, rich sound, creating a truly unique and immersive sound experience
  • Three button control lets you make calls, play and pause tracks and access your phone’s Siri or the Google Assistant
  • Plays for up to 12 hours off a single charge with a rechargeable lithium ion battery. Bluetooth range: 9 m (30 feet); Battery charging time: Up to 3 hours
  • Sweat and weather resistant (with an IPX4 rating) and includes a four way stretchable cover that won’t cause static and dust won’t cling to. Micro B USB port

The Bose Soundwear Companion is a wearable Bluetooth lecturer which offers palms-cost-free contacting. This rather unique device sits around your neck, directing music and audio for your the ears, while using the its mics for phone calls or Siri wise associate handles. As well, you will be able to retain awareness of audio on the planet surrounding you. The SoundWear effectively generates a cone of noise around your mind. Audio you’re playing is without a doubt perceptible to folks nearby, although the quantity is concentrated across the wearer’s dome. It sounds a lot even louder to the particular person paying attention than all others nearby. When it’s to you, it doesn’t audio for your ears like a conventional presenter, nor would you like to confuse the SoundWear for headsets. It’s a one-of-a-sort point that’s challenging to compare against other ways of listening. Battery everyday life is rated at 12 times, but you’ll get a little less if you’re cranking the volume level for many that time.

The unique sound that Bose has dragged off here doesn’t indicate the SoundWear surpasses other goods, although. It is spacious with enjoyable levels that avoid becoming shrill, as well as the bass sounds is punchy even at low volumes. A top-finish workdesk presenter or very good headsets will still overcome it easily, nonetheless. They have a much better being attentive practical experience if the listening component is exactly what you importance most.

While you would anticipate from Bose, every detail continues to be looked at because of its Soundwear Associate loudspeaker. That doesn’t just mean the audio quality and loudspeaker harmony, but also the comfort and toughness from the gadget itself. Bose has even undertaken personalised phrase into account.

The result can be a relatively cozy system containing far more flex and give than its frankly rock and roll-solid competitor, the JBL Soundgear. The Bose Soundwear Partner can sit down on your collarbones without discomfort for very long amounts of time.

But regardless of how well this speaker is built, it still feels a little bit difficult. Probably headsets employed to truly feel awkward too and we’ve employed them for so long we’ve forgotten that? Perhaps the way forward for these neck area wearables could be the same.

Bose has utilized healthcare-class silicone casing around a stainlesss steel wire to offer durability but adequate torsion for convenience. This will clearly be sensed and allows you to wear the Soundwear Associate.

Here work most effectively cases I’ve located for it:

Hanging throughout the house or back garden: The SoundWear supports two simultaneous Bluetooth links, so you’ve acquired both your smartphone and computer included. It is relatively comfortable this loudspeaker for hours on stop. If you’re cleansing, it’s awesome. I’ve also appreciated possessing it on while cooking.

Speaker cell phone calls: You are able to configure the SoundWear to vibrate each time a contact comes in. I don’t know what sort of magic Bose proved helpful here, but there’s anything about creating cell phone calls that is incredibly rewarding with this product. Sounds arrive through crystal clear, and callers said my area in the discussion sounded excellent.

Going for Walk Outdoor: The SoundWear stayed placed around my neck during brisk strolls outdoors. However, if you’re undertaking far more brisk routines, expect it to start bobbing in your shoulder area or falling off. Try on some it tucked within a coat as well as under some tops to hold it dependable throughout a work, nevertheless, the noise can become muffled if the clothing’s too thick. And you’re constrained in where you can use it since loud locations can rapidly drown out the audio.

Augmented Reality (VR): If the notion of wearing both a VR headset and earbuds noises claustrophobic, the SoundWear Companion might be an excellent option for your mp3 side of points that’ll do you have sensing significantly less sealed away and off to the real world.

Driving: Sporting earbuds when behind the tire is very reckless and reckless. If you’re one of those particular folks, stop carrying it out. Such as this may be far less dangerous because you remain fully mindful of what’s close to you on the highway. Of course, if you’ve acquired a classic busted dash method, this might be a great way of paying attention to podcasts or songs when driving a vehicle.

That’s really about all I’ve acquired. Everywhere else, the SoundWear can have you sensing like a general public annoyance. I am not going to knock Bose way too hard for that, though. This is certainly clearly a niche product or service created to be utilized at particular moments and definitely not at other folks. I love weird devices. I love that Bose determined to generate a the neck and throat lecturer and then designed the hell from it. Not all the item is or must be useful for everyone.

The $300 price is a concern, nevertheless. If the SoundWear were actually a little more affordable, I feel a lot more people would be prepared to take a risk on it and find out how (or maybe) it genuinely fits into their lives. In my opinion, somebody that would wear earbuds just about everywhere and contains a Sonos Perform:5 in your own home, the reply is no. But other people swear by it, so it could be really worth decreasing around your neck and entering the cone of noise at your local Greatest Acquire or Bose retailer.

Bose SoundWare Speaker Companion Features:

The large market here is the ability to listen to music and podcasts, whilst still maintaining understanding around the globe close to you. Therefore, the Bose Soundwear Associate does its career well – because the speakers are sufficiently not even close to your the ears for that to function.

What Bose claims helps make this speaker even more particular is waveguide technological innovation. This system utilizes 11-inches waveguides in the neckband to dock noise out at either finish. The drivers press the atmosphere through the waveguides and out of the plug-ins that are angled towards the the ears of your person. This should result in a more personalised being attentive practical experience, with out bystanders having to pick up quite a lot sound bleed as they would from, say, a regular speaker.

The subsequent big good around the Soundwear Partner is hands-totally free calling. Bose simply says it utilizes an ‘advanced microphone’ without having discuss a number of mics or wise sound. Exactly what is actually smart this is actually the potential to employ a attached device’s clever associate, exclusively Siri.

With all the tap of a button, you may get the smart associate to have it conduct jobs including you would in the iPhone or iPad – minus excavating out and unlocking that device.

For mobile phone calls, the Soundwear Affiliate offers the ringtone and haptic impulses by means of vibrations. Additionally, you will have an opportunity to easily have the vibrations notify, very much like all by yourself mobile phone. This ought to recommend you can actually begin the space along with your telephone set up down somewhere without the need to touch the unit.

Battery pack is really an attribute in itself. You have a 12-hour approximately battery lifespan – but you will also have the opportunity to get a speedy top rated-up, a 15-moment price burst open which gets you three hrs of usage. A valuable characteristic if you consider about you could still dress yourself in this while inquiring within your house, in addition to by using a cell phone charger when you have an extensive enough cord.


The Bose Soundwear is good at what it offers, A great gift that can be gifted to someone one events like Black Friday.


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