Sennheiser HD 800S best audiophile headphone review

Sennheiser HD800S is the best audiophile headphone ever built, Change My Mind!

The Sennheiser HD 800 S are perfect sounding headphones for vital being attentive. They’re comfortable where you can sturdy, tough construction but similar to most open up back essential being attentive versions, they’re not versatile. They’re not designed for outdoors or perhaps to use casually but plugged into an amp, they provide an excellent listening practical experience.


The Sennheiser HD 800S are essential-listening-targeted headphones, and it also displays with their layout. The massive open-back ear cups and headband are reinforced with aluminium and-quality plastic material. They’re also both padded having a suede-like material making these headsets look and feel premium. They’re bulkier than the majority of the other critical paying attention headsets we’ve evaluated like the Hifiman Sundara or even the HD 700, which could benefit some but maybe a little bit too awkward for some individuals.


The Sennheiser HD800S supply a cushy hearing experience. They may have large, huge ear canal mugs, they’re not very tight in the mind and they’re well padded with a suede-like substance that believes great of the epidermis. However, they are a bit about the weighty side and ear cups are really big that they may not be secure for many audiences, especially on more compact heads. If you’re trying to find more comfortable open up-back earbuds, look into the Philips SHP9600.


These headphones have roomy open-back ears glasses which do not obstruct all the airflow as typical over-the ears. They will likely keep your ears relatively amazing even during very long hearing training, although they will not be as breathable as some over-ear or perhaps in-ear canal versions.

Build Quality

The Sennheiser HD 800 S have very good, superior build quality. They have a strong metallic structure and a high-class plastic material blend that strengthens the headband. The large ear canal mugs are decently dense, and the extra padding supplies really feel higher-conclusion. Even so, the hinges/yokes usually are not probably the most resilient. The pin that maintains the bones of the ears cups set up can sometimes come free, and generally there is a great deal more plastic-type inside their construction than their budget range would propose.


These headphones usually are not created for use during sports or any physical exercises (see our tips for the best headsets for sport or workout). They easily slip off your ears when working or bouncing. The hearing glasses have got a big enough surface area that they may sustain their position during casual listening classes even when tilting your face. The cable is likewise removable but requires plenty of power and might damage the earphones if violently taken away, which slightly reduces their stability score.

Noise Isolation

The HD 800 S has poor noise-isolation. For their open up-back style and magnificence, these headsets don’t accomplish any isolation inside the largemouth bass appears to be array, where the rumble of aircraft and daily commute can be found. Inside of the midst-series, crucial for stopping out the presentation, they don’t isolate either. Within the treble collection, busy by unique S and Ts, they accomplish about 10dB of isolation which is inferior.


The Sennheiser HD800S have an exceptional, reference point-high quality sound reproduction but they are not created for everyday use. They have a great, consistently well-balanced noise that caters well to the majority of songs and tunes styles. They’re well made, secure and sense durable. Even so, their available-back design and style spills a great deal and definitely will disrupt the folks close to you. They are among the very best sounding headsets we’ve calculated with superb soundstage and stereo appearance reproduction but they’re also considerably pricier than the majority of the fighting earphones below which will not be worthwhile dependant upon your use situation.

Verdicts by Usage

Neutral Music listening

Great for simple listening. The HD 800s have one of the better audio reproduction that we’ve measured so far. They have a well-well-balanced the middle of-collection that isn’t too forward sounding with equipment and vocals. They also have an excellent amount of largemouth bass to appeal well to the majority of styles of songs even though they will feel somewhat lacking in the very low-end thump and rumble as compared to the Hifiman Ananda or Sundara. They can sound a lttle bit razor-sharp with already dazzling tracks, but total their large exact stereo picture reproduction means they are among the finest selections for the natural audience. You can also have a look at our recent look at the Stax SR-L300 which have a great wide open audio and electrostatic car owners as an alternative to vibrant types much like the HD800S.


Not suited to commuting/travelling. The open-back ear canal cups tend not to obstruct any ambient disturbance and drip a great deal. Also, They’re not easily transportable and you should not possess a handle system for cellular devices.


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