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Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphone [Review]

Jaybird X3 Wireless Headphone

The Jaybird X3 are excellent sports headphones that are also suitable for casual use. They block a surprising amount of ambient noise, are small and stable, and have good sound quality that can be customized thanks to the MySound app. They don’t outperform the Jaybird X2 in terms of performance, but they are simpler to use and have a better design and overall build quality.


The Jaybird X3 looks and feels identical to the Jaybird X2. Since most of the electronic components are now in the in-line remote, the earbuds are a little smaller. This makes the inline remote a little wider than the X2, but it feels a lot more powerful. For the time being, they don’t come with as many different colour schemes as the X2, so you may not be able to find the perfect colour to fit your tastes, but they do have an understated and elegant look that will appeal to the majority of listeners.

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They’re on par with most in-ears in terms of comfort. They don’t vary much from the previous X2 model’s fit, but they do offer a variety of tip sizes and foam tips to help you find a comfortable fit. Unfortunately, they won’t be as easy for most people during long sessions as most in-ears. Consider the earbud configuration of headphones such as the Bose SoundSport Wireless or the Jabra Elite 45e in this situation.


The X3’s in-line remote varies significantly from that of the X2. The button design is almost identical, but there is a little more space between them, making them easier to use. They also provide strong tactile feedback, though the button can feel a little mushy at times, despite a distinct click when pressed. In addition, the control module is not sweat-proof. On the plus side, they have the basics in terms of features, such as call/play/pause, track skipping, and volume controls.


Like other in-ear headphones, the Jaybird X3 Wireless is very compact. They’re small enough to fit in your pocket or purse. The carrying pouch also doesn’t add much weight, so keeping them with you at all times won’t be a hassle.


They come with a carrying pouch that will protect the Jaybird X3 from scratches and slight water exposure, but unlike the X2, it does not have a sturdy case that will protect your headphones from impacts, which is frustrating. On the plus side, they don’t add much weight to the headphones, making them comfortable to bring around.

Build Quality

They’re designed in the same way as the X2, but with a different in-line remote interface. The move was made due to problems with the X2’s charging port being clogged or damaged as a result of sweat. The Jaybird X3 is now slightly more water resistant, but it is still not waterproof. On the plus hand, the rest of the build is just as tough as the X2, so it won’t be affected by a few drops.


The Jaybird X3 are a pair of stable headphones that can be worn when running or exercising. They have a variety of different shaped stabilisation tips to keep them from slipping out of your ears. These headphones are perfect for use at the gym because of this, as well as the snug in-ear fit. Their wireless nature also reduces the chances of them being tangled in something and being yanked out of your ears.

Noise Cancellation

The isolation efficiency of the Jaybird X3 is excellent. Despite the lack of active noise cancellation, they outperform many active noise cancellation headphones, such as the Jaybird X2 and Beats BeatsX. In the bass range, they reach more than 8dB of isolation, which is above average and remarkable for passive isolation. They minimise outside noise by 20dB and 40dB in the mid and treble ranges, respectively, which are excellent results.

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The Jaybird X3 has a good battery life, but it didn’t last as long in our battery drain test as the X2. At moderate amounts, they can only handle about 7 hours of continuous playtime. Most listeners should be fine with this, but if you need to use your headphones for long periods of time during the day, it will be a little short. They charged slightly faster than the X2, but not significantly. The charging mechanism for the dongle, on the other hand, may be a pain if you don’t have it with you at all times.


The Jaybird X3 has multi-device pairing but no NFC. On the plus side, they can connect with most Bluetooth devices without difficulties.

When viewing videos, the Jaybird X3 has a lot of lag, which is obvious. It won’t cost you any more than any other Bluetooth headphones, but it won’t be suitable for gaming or watching movies.

Pros and Cons

  • Good fit
  • Reasonably Priced
  • Useful app
  • Sound isn’t the best


The Jaybird X3 are perfect for sports, but they also fit well as everyday headphones. Despite being passively isolating, they block ambient noise remarkably well, and they’re simple to carry around on your person. They don’t have the best sound for more critical listeners, and the proprietary charging dongle can be restrictive and annoying if you don’t keep it with you at all times.

The Jaybird X3 are a great pair of sports headphones. They’re stable enough to use when working out or running, they’re wireless, and the control scheme is easy and effective. They’re also small enough to fit in most pockets, making them convenient to carry with you at all times.


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