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Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones [Review]

Sennheiser HD 820 Headphones one of the best audiophile headphone in 2021

The Sennheiser HD 820 is good vital paying attention headsets but do not quite go beyond the Sennheiser HD 800 S. They have a fantastic construction as well as a comfortable over-ear canal match that you could put on for many hours. The shut-back ear cups also get them to a little more functional in comparison to the HD 800 S, however, not by significantly, because they are not designed for everything else but crucial being attentive. Sadly, although there is a little deeper bass normally, they are doing not sound as effective as the HD800 S overall, which is a little bit disappointing, specifically thinking about their much higher selling price stage.


The Sennheiser HD 820 appear similar to the HD 800 S but have diverse, sealed-back ears mugs. The headband and yokes are fundamentally the very same, even though the HD820 has slightly fuller hinges, almost certainly to higher secure the slightly denser ears cups. The ear canal glasses have similar general shape because the 800 S’, however, they are a bit denser and thicker with gorilla window backplates that let you begin to see the vibrant motorists inside. They search excellent, and the majority of audiophiles and critical fans will enjoy the awesome cup back design. However, such as the open-back 800 S, they can be a tad too large for many listeners, and although these are shut down-back earbuds, they’re not created to be used outdoors with the cellular phone and can look great sitting down close to an amp within your listening area or on your own place of work desk.


The Sennheiser HD 820 are comfortable but a little bit heavy. Their ear canal portions are the same sizing as that relating to the Sennheiser HD 800 S, that might be a little little bit too big for several target audience. You could possibly come to feel small areas in the go well with around your ears that might a little problematic, but within the upside, the portions are exceedingly well padded as well as spacious. They have received fuller and significantly much softer padding when compared to HD 800 S which actually feel a little bit cosier and somewhat assists in the close concerns. The headband isn’t also cushioned as the ear canal cups but as it’s fairly wide along with the HD 820 all round are surprisingly lightweight for proportions, you do not really feel the absence of padding very much. You could dress in the HD 820 for a long time as well rather than sense any very low power.

Build Quality 

The Sennheiser HD 820, such as the HD 800 S, has a very good construction that believes superior and well-crafted. The ear mugs are an assortment of dense plastic, metal and gorilla cup (for the see-through backplates). They search great and feel completely great-finish but a lot less tough than some of the less expensive headsets we’ve reviewed. Around the upside, the headband is likewise well-crafted with slim steel for assist but plasticky yokes. The plastic does feel totally long-lasting and make the headset less heavy when compared to a sound steel structure however the yokes and swivelling hinges do not feel as resilient as the rest of the style and are likely one of the most susceptible areas of the HD 820. Even for far better developed shut down-back essential being attentive earphones, check out the Focal Stellia.


These earphones are certainly not made for use during sporting activities or any physical activities. The ear mugs have a big enough surface that they may preserve their situation during casual hearing classes regardless if tilting the head. Even so, they are not intended and will never be ideal for physical activity. Their cable tv is removable but the hair in the ear glasses and definitely will yank the headphones off your head or potential problems the ear canal servings if violently eliminated.

Sennheiser HD 820 Over-the-Ear Audiophile Reference Headphones - Ring Radiator Drivers with Glass Reflector Technology, Sound Isolating Closed Earcups, Includes Balanced Cable, 2-Year Warranty (Black)

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  • The HD 820 delivers an unparalleled, reference-grade audiophile listening experience in a closed headphone
  • Innovative glass reflectors and frequency absorber systems replicate the wide open characteristics of audiophile speakers in a sealed earcup design
  • 56mm Ring Radiator transducers and Glass Reflectors provide total immersion in your music with absolute detail and a breathtaking soundstage
  • Made in Germany using the finest materials for sound integrity, build quality, and luxurious comfort
  • Connectivity technology: Wired

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The Sennheiser HD 820 is a bit more functional compared to the HD 800 S because of their shut-back style. They isolate a little bit more in noisy conditions, plus they drip a little less. They have a fantastic construction that can feel higher-conclusion and sturdy as well as a decently well-well-balanced noise that creates them a good choice for audiophiles that prefer a bit more bass sounds. However, they generally do not noise quite as good as the HD 800 S which is disappointing for some, specifically because of the value difference. Also, they’re still rather large crucial paying attention-only earbuds so they won’t be functional enough to consider outdoors or perhaps for various other everyday use circumstances since they are not designed for that. In the upside, they may be a good choice to observe videos, thanks to their very low latency and decently extended audio-cable.


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