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Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless [Review]

Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is good closed-back in-ears for mixed-use. These completely wireless headphones have a long wireless range and outstanding noise isolation. However, their default sound profile is unbalanced, and they aren’t the most comfortable in-ears we’ve tried. On the plus side, they’re well-made and have the appearance of high-end headphones. They also come with a nice charging case that extends the battery life while also protecting the headphones.


Last updated on May 19, 2024 1:38 pm


The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless headphones have a cool look to them, but they’re very bulky, with thick and wide housings that protrude from your ears. The thick plastic and metal touch-sensitive surface on the back of the buds give them a premium appearance. Only black with a metallic circle accent is available.


Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless headphones are just right in terms of comfort. Because of their bulky nature, they can put pressure on your ear canal and cause fatigue, particularly if you have small ears. They are, however, very light and come with four different ear tips to help you get a more comfortable fit. Consider the RHA TrueConnect Truly Wireless for a smaller bud design that can suit most people better.


The touch-sensitive control scheme on the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is adequate, but it may take some getting used to. Anything related to music is regulated by the left earbud. One tap begins and stops the music, two taps skips forward, and three taps skips backward. The right earbud is used to handle calls. Two taps refuse calls, while one tap responds and ends them. If there are no calls incoming, one tap activates your device’s voice assistant, and two taps allow talk-through. Holding down the left earbud reduces the sound, while holding down the right earbud increases it.

These headphones also have a smart pause feature, which means the music will stop as soon as you remove an earbud. However, if you manually pause the music with the left earbud and then delete it, the music will continue playing, which seems to be a mistake or a bug. On the plus side, you get voice feedback for the minimum and maximum volume as well as when pairing the headphones.


The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless headphones are extremely lightweight. They’re small enough to fit in small pockets or a purse. They also come with a lightweight, durable case that fits in pockets and adds minimal bulk.


The charging case that comes with the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is fantastic. It’s a good case that protects the headphones from scratches, water exposure, and impacts, and it’s better than the Jabra Elite Active 65t Truly Wireless. However, there is no locking mechanism, and if the case falls to the ground, the headphones will be exposed. The magnets inside, on the other hand, can hold the earbuds in place if it falls open.

Build Quality

The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless headphones, including the Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 2.0 Truly Wireless 2019, are well-made. They’re made of a thick plastic with a nice metal surface that serves as touch-sensitive buttons, and they look and sound like luxury headphones. They should be able to withstand a few drops without too much damage. In addition, the case is well-made and feels robust. We don’t currently measure the earbuds’ sweat and water resistance, which is scored IPX4.

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Running and other light athletic activities are possible with the headphones. They don’t have stability fins like more sports-oriented headphones, but the in-ear fit is comfortable enough that they won’t fall out of your ears on their own. They often lack a cable, removing the possibility of being tangled in something or being trapped on clothes. Due to their bulky nature, people with smaller ears can have a less stable fit.

Noise Isolation

These headphones do not have active noise cancellation, unlike the Sennheiser MOMENTUM True Wireless 2. They do, however, do a decent job of minimizing noise passively. They’re especially good at eliminating ambient chatter and high-pitched background noise, such as the hum of an air conditioner. However, they have a lot of trouble with lower-frequency background noise, such as the rumble of aeroplanes and bus engines.


The battery life of the Momentum True Wireless is bad. They only have a 3.7-hour continuous battery life, despite the fact that their case has two additional charging ports. If you take breaks to refresh the buds, that should get you through the workday. They don’t have any power-saving features, so their battery life is limited. On the plus side, inside the app, you can see how much battery is left in each earbud. Consider the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Truly Wireless or the Klipsch T5 True Wireless for truly wireless headphones with longer battery life.


The Bluetooth communication on these headphones is satisfactory. It’s disappointing that they can only bind to one computer at a time and don’t allow NFC pairing. They do, however, support Bluetooth version 5.0. For watching videos or playing games on a PC, their SBC and aptX latency might be too high. They are, however, compliant with the aptX-LL codec, which reduces latency to the point that you should be able to view videos without difficulty. Unfortunately, their audio lag is extremely high on iOS, making video streaming on Apple mobile devices nearly impossible. However, since different apps and devices compensate for latency in different ways, the actual experience can differ.


The Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless is suitable for a variety of applications. Their bass-heavy sound profile is best suited for genres like EDM and hip-hop, but it can be tweaked using the companion app’s graphic EQ. Their in-ear fit, on the other hand, might not be suitable for all. Fortunately, they should be able to filter out a significant amount of noise during the commute or at work. They’re lightweight and robust enough for moderate physical activity, but they’re a little bulkier than in-ears. Unfortunately, their default latency is too high for watching TV and gaming, but they do support lower-latency codecs.

Last updated on May 19, 2024 1:38 pm


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