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SoundPeats TrueFree 2 Wireless [Review]

SoundPeats TrueFree 2 Wireless headphone

The SoundPeats TrueFree 2 is fully wireless headphones with a low price tag. They’re well-made and comfy, with a secure in-ear fit that should keep them in place even during strenuous exercises. Their bass-heavy sound is great for genres like EDM and hip-hop, but it won’t overpower more sensitive mixes. Unfortunately, they have short battery life and only do a mediocre job at noise reduction. They don’t have any sound adjustment options, either. Still, if you’re looking for a pair of simple truly wireless headphones to use about the house or to the gym, they’re a solid choice.

SoundPEATS Wireless Earbuds TrueFree2 Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones in-Ear Stereo TWS Sports Earbuds, IPX7 Waterproof

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as of May 20, 2024 12:34 am

  • Sturdy
  • Lightweight design
  • Low latency on mobile
  • Short Battery

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The SoundPeats TrueFree 2 resembles its predecessor, the SoundPeats TrueFree/True Wireless, in appearance. They have a new stylized manufacturer logo and a smaller protrusion from the ears, but their all-black color scheme remains the same. They don’t stand out nearly as much as other really wireless earbuds, like the Raycon E55 Truly Wireless, which come in a range of bright color schemes.


The SoundPeats TrueFree 2 are a comfy pair of headphones. They’re incredibly light, and the ear tips don’t go too far into your ear canal. They come with a variety of different-sized stability wings, so most users should be able to get a good fit. Using its controls, though, forces the buds deeper into your ears, which can be painful.


The physical control scheme for the SoundPeats TrueFree 2 is adequate. Due to the addition of volume controls, it outperforms the earlier SoundPeats TrueFree/True Wireless. Once clicked on either bud, media is paused and played, or calls are answered and ended. A double-tap on the right or left bud increases or decreases the volume. A lengthy hold of the right bud advances the track, while a long hold of the left bud returns you to the previous track. Incoming calls are canceled if you hold either bud for a long time. Finally, a triple-tap on either device launches the voice assistant on your phone. While this control scheme has a lot of features, the multi-function button isn’t particularly clicky, and there are no auditory cues to let you know when you’ve entered something.


These in-ears, like other truly wireless headphones, are extremely portable. They’re small enough to fit in a pocket or a bag. Their case isn’t overly enormous, but it is slightly larger than the charging case for the earlier SoundPeats TrueFree/True Wireless.


The charging case on the SoundPeats TrueFree 2 is excellent. It’s a little bigger than the one that came with the original SoundPeats TrueFree/True Wireless, but it has a cover, a status light indicator on the back, and four LED lights to show how much charge is remaining within. Unfortunately, wireless charging is not supported in this case.

Build Quality

The TrueFree 2 from SoundPeats is well-made. They have a reasonably solid plastic construction, with dense plastic buds and a charging case that appears to be able to withstand a few drops and knocks. Water resistance is rated IPX7 on the buds, however we haven’t put them to the test yet.


The SoundPeats TrueFree 2 headphones are quite stable. You should be able to do some very strenuous exercises without worrying about their falling out after you select the right-sized ear tips and stability fins.

Noise Isolation

The noise isolation capability of these in-ears is poor. They perform a poor job of filtering out low-frequency sounds, such as the rumbling of a bus or jet engine. Thankfully, they filter out a good bit of mid-range ambient noise, such as adjacent people’s talking, and are fairly excellent at dealing with high-pitched background noise, so you shouldn’t notice the hum of an air conditioner. The Skullcandy Spoke True Wireless in-ears are a good cheap option with superior noise isolation.


The battery life of the SoundPeats TrueFree 2 is average. They don’t quite live up to their four-hour stated battery life, so they won’t last you a full day on a single charge. They do, however, offer a standby mode that saves battery life while not in use, and its case provides about four more charges. They recharge in under an hour and a half, which is disappointing given that competitors like the Tranya T10 Truly Wireless have significantly better battery life and recharge in about the same amount of time.


The Bluetooth compatibility of the SoundPeats TrueFree 2 is adequate. They have Bluetooth 5.0, but no NFC or multi-device pairing, which can be inconvenient if you want to listen to music on your phone while still connected to your PC. While their latency on a PC is extremely high, they perform admirably on Android and iOS mobile devices, which is ideal if you plan to watch films or movies while wearing them. However, because different devices and apps compensate for latency in different ways, your actual experience may differ.


The SoundPeats TrueFree 2 is suitable for a variety of applications. Their lack of continuous battery life and poor bass-range ambient noise isolation make them unsuitable for long commuting or trips. They are, nevertheless, quite portable and somewhat comfortable to wear for long periods of time. They’re solid enough for sports and feature a bass-heavy, but not overpowering, a sound profile that should work with a variety of media. Unfortunately, their built-in microphone has poor recording quality and has trouble isolating your voice from ambient noise.


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