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SoundPeats TrueFree Headphones [Review]

SoundPeats TrueFree Headphones

The SoundPEATS True Wireless are fine genuinely wireless in-ears for a variety of circumstances. They provide outstanding value for a low price. These in-ears are reasonably comfortable and isolate a good amount of ambient noise, making them useful for commuting and at work. While they have a better sound signature for bass-heavy music, most users would be pleased with these. They’re easy to bring around because of their small size and lightweight nature, and they’re still stable enough for physical activity. Unfortunately, their pairing technique can be difficult at times, and you can sometimes hear audio cuts when using them. On the plus side, they’re well-made for a low-cost pair of headphones and should suffice for my needs.



The SoundPEATS TrueFree are completely wireless headphones with a low profile. They have a tiny earbud-style that doesn’t protrude too far from your face. They also only come in an all-black version, which is suitable for any style but may be too dark for others. They look decent for a budget pair of headphones and don’t sound cheap, which is a plus.


These in-ears are relatively comfortable, and they come with four different tip sizes so you can find the right and most comfortable fit for you. They’re also very thin, and you won’t even notice them between your face. The in-ear style, on the other hand, may not be for everybody, and some people may experience soreness after wearing them for a while. Furthermore, to register a command, you must force the headphones deeper into your ear, which can be distracting at times.


Since each earbud only has one button, the SoundPEATS TrueFree’s controls are fairly limited. They’re simple to press, but they require you to force the buds deeper into your ears, which is uncomfortable. These headphones feature call/music management as well as track skipping (backward and forward), but no volume control. All commands (except track skipping, which involves using the left earbud to go backward and the right earbud to go forward) can be carried out using one of the buds, and you can also use your device’s voice assistant. If you want completely wireless in-ears with more user-friendly and stable controls, look no further.


The SoundPEATS TrueFree, like most in-ear headphones, has outstanding breathability. Their tiny earbuds don’t trap heat under an ear cup and don’t cause a significant temperature difference when worn. This ensures you won’t sweat as much as normal and are a good choice for sports.


The SoundPEATS TrueFree are genuinely wireless in-ears that are extremely portable. The earbuds are lightweight enough to fit in small pockets or a purse and are easy to bring with you at all times. They even come with a small case that fits comfortably into pockets.


The SoundPeats True Wireless headphones come with a standard case that also serves as a charging station. Unfortunately, the case is made of cheap-feeling lightweight plastic, and there is no lid, leaving the buds vulnerable to dust, spray, and scratches. The headphones are held in place by a magnetic force in the case, but a slight impact can cause them to pop out, potentially damaging them.

These headphones are available in a more premium version that requires a better case with a lid that covers the headphones. This model’s headphones are referred to as the Q32, but they appear to be the same earbuds. Check out the TOZO T10 Truly Wireless or the TOZO T6 Truly Wireless if you want a pair of headphones with a better case that’s Qi-enabled for wireless charging.

Build Quality

The SoundPEATS True Wireless headphones are well-made and remarkably robust for a pair of budget headphones. Because of their small size, they can withstand a few accidental drops without suffering too much damage. While they are made of plastic, they do not have the same cheap feel as their thin and light case. These headphones are also IPX4 classified for sweat and splashing water resistance, but we don’t have a test to reliably assess this at the moment.


These headphones are comfortable to wear and come in four different tip sizes. They’re stable enough to do things like run and go to the gym. They lack stability fins, but they’re small enough that they don’t need them. There is, however, a model version with accessories and a larger battery case if you do want fins. The Q32 is the model, and the earbuds seem to be the same as the TrueFree, but we couldn’t confirm this. Furthermore, their completely wireless nature eliminates the possibility of a cable being tangled in something, which is a positive thing.

Noise Cancelling

Their separation skills are above average. Despite the lack of active noise cancellation, the TrueFree isolates a large amount of ambient noise passively. In the bass range, where the engine rumbles live, they reach around 10dB of isolation, which is respectable. They achieved the isolation of more than 19dB in the mid-range, which is nice and useful at the office, and this is necessary to block out ambient chatter. They block 34dB in the treble range, which is responsible for sharp sounds like S and Ts and fan noise. These headphones would be a good choice for noise cancellation during regular commutes or at the workplace.

The XFYRO xS2 offers marginally better isolation; however, when compared to the TrueFree, the rest of their output might not be worth the extra cost.


On a single charge, the TrueFree provides 3.3 hours of continuous playback, which isn’t much. Thankfully, they have a standby mode that helps you to prolong their battery life if you forget to turn them off and put them back in their case. When they’re put away, they also turn off and start charging. The 850mAH case will carry an additional 4 or 5 charges for a total of around 15 hours. If you take frequent breaks to charge the headphones, they will last you an entire work day.

There’s also a variant with a 2600mAH battery case that lasts between 15-20 charges and up to 55 hours of playback if you want more total battery life. This model’s headphones are known as the Q32, and they seem to be the same earbuds, but we couldn’t confirm this. If you’re searching for reliable true wireless headphones with a longer battery life, look no further.


The SoundPEATS True Wireless are Bluetooth 5.0 compliant, so if your source is also 5.0, you could get better wireless range and link reliability. As a stereo headphone, they can only be wired to one device at a time, but you can use the two buds as mono channels on two separate devices by connecting the left one first. While their pairing process appears to be straightforward, we had trouble connecting our left earbud to the right one, which took many attempts. During your listening sessions, you can often encounter minor audio cuts for no obvious cause, which can be distracting if it occurs often.

The SoundPEATS TrueFree has too much lag for gaming and viewing videos. It’s also quicker than other Bluetooth headphones, which usually have a delay of 200-220 milliseconds. However, some video content apps, such as YouTube and Netflix, have some kind of compensation, so the delay might not be as noticeable.

Verdict & Ratings

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Their sound quality might not be the best for critical listening as they sound thumpy and boomy, which is better suited for bass-heavy genres. On the other hand, their truly wireless design is very portable, and the in-ear fit does a good job of isolating ambient noise, which makes them an above-average choice for commuting and at the office. They’re also stable, even without stability fins, and breathable for sports. Unfortunately, their Bluetooth connection has higher than average latency, and they won’t be suitable for watching TV and gaming.


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