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Anker SoundCore Spirit X Wireless [Review]

Anker SoundCore Spirit X Wireless

The Anker SoundCore Spirit X is decent sports headphones that can be used in a variety of circumstances. They have a higher-than-average build quality that makes them sound much more expensive than their price suggests. They also have a better control scheme than the similarly built Anker Soundbuds Curve, as well as a good sound with a lot of bass, a comfortable and secure in-ear fit for the gym, and a comfortable and stable in-ear fit for the gym. Unfortunately, they won’t be the perfect option for busy, noisy places, watching movies, or gaming, much like the Curve.


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The Anker Spirit X has a nice, sporty aesthetic that looks and sounds more expensive than their price tag suggests. They have thicker, more flexible earhooks than the Anker Curve, as well as a more polished earbud look. They also have a more advanced in-line remote control. They, too, have thin cables that do not seem to be as robust as some of the more costly wireless sports headphones we’ve tried, such as the Fitbit flyer. This cheapens the look of the headphones, and they don’t come in as many colour schemes as most sport-oriented headphones. On the plus side, their understated style would appeal to the majority of people.


For in-ear headphones, the Anker Spirit X, like the Curve, is very comfortable. The tips do not go as far into the ear canal as other in-ears, making them more comfortable and alleviating some of the soreness and discomfort that some listeners feel while using in-ear headphones for long periods of time. Unfortunately, since they do not reach as far into the ear canal, they have a tendency to slip out of the ears and will need to be changed often, which can be irritating. It’s not a huge concern, but it does occur more often while involved in physical activity. Overall, most listeners would find these headphones to be convenient.


The control scheme on the Anker SoundCore Spirit X is marginally better than the Anker Curve. On the in-line remote, the buttons are more sensitive with clicky feedback and are better spaced out. They also have a straightforward three-button configuration with no extra features. It’s a simple and powerful control scheme that includes all of the requisite features, such as call/music, track skipping, and volume controls.


The Anker SoundCore Spirit X headphones are lightweight and come with a convenient carrying case. They’re compact, lightweight, and foldable like most wireless in-ear headphones, so they’ll fit in your pocket, wallet, or purse. Since they have ear-hooks, they’re slightly larger than simple wired in-ear designs, but they’re still very compact and come with a decent case.


These headphones come with a good hard case to protect them from small bumps, scratches, and drops. The case casing, however, is not as tough as some of the other hard cases we’ve tried, but it is lightweight and fits into a pocket.

Build Quality

The Anker SoundBuds Spirit X is designed in the same manner as the Anker Curve. They have a more advanced earbud design and a better in-line remote, but the cables are thin and non-replaceable. The earbuds and earhooks are dense and robust, making them more reliable than other sports-oriented headphones in their price range, such as the Senso ActivBuds S-250 or Mee Audio X6 Plus. They’re also more water resistant, though we haven’t yet developed a valid and comparable water resistance test that doesn’t permanently damage any headphones. The JBL Endurance Dive is a pair of waterproof headphones with a thicker and shorter wire.


The Soundcore Spirit X, unlike the SoundCore Liberty Air, has a stable ear-hook configuration that is ideal for sports. They also come with a couple of stability fins, which help with the fit and make them even more stable. The earbuds do, however, sometimes fall out of your ear canal, particularly during more intense exercise. They won’t fall out of your ears, but the movement of the seal changes the pitch, which isn’t good for running or working out.

Noise Cancellation

The isolation output of the Anker SoundCore Spirit X is mediocre. They reach around 2dB of separation in the bass range, where the rumble of bus and airplane engines can be heard, which is barely audible. They isolate by more than 14dB in the mid-range, which is above-average for cutting out expression. They isolate by around 24dB in the treble range, which is above average and occupied by sharp S and T sounds. The Jaybird Freedom 2 or Jaybird Tarah are sports-oriented wireless headphones that offer a little more isolation than the Spirit X.

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Excellent battery life. The battery lasts for around 12 hours, which is more than enough for a normal workday. They recharge easily, but since they don’t have a power saving feature, the battery can drain even when they aren’t in use.

They cannot be used when charging and do not allow passive playback.


This pair of headphones has a unique feature. When you start playing music right after pairing, the music fades in rather than going to full volume right away.

The Anker Spirit X has a lot of lag, so it’s not good for watching videos. The Anker Curve has significantly higher latency than the Anker Curve. Additionally, they do not support the aptX codec.

Verdict & Rating

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Since they are Bluetooth only headphones with a reasonably high latency, the Anker SoundCore Spirit X are flexible enough for most use cases, with the exception of home theatre and gaming. On the plus side, their stable, lightweight, and wireless ear-hook nature makes them an excellent choice for sports. They also have a 12-hour battery life and a good build quality that looks much more luxurious than their price tag. However, since they have thin wires, they don’t feel as durable as some of the more expensive wireless in-ears we’ve checked. Their sound level is also a little too bassy for more critical listeners, but it should suffice for most people.


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