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Jaybird Freedom 2 Headphone [Review]

Jaybird Freedom 2 Headphone #sportsheadphones

The Jaybird Freedom 2 Wireless 2017 are good all-around sports headphones that have a few more useful design tweaks than the original Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless 2016. They have the same build quality as the older model, but the new earbud-like tips and cable management clip make them a little more comfortable and flexible. They’re healthy in-ears for sports and noise-blocking enough for commuting. They also don’t leak much, which is perfect for noisy environments like the workplace. Unfortunately, they have the same battery life and bulky charging clip as the initial Freedom, which is a letdown.

Jaybird FREEDOM 2 In-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Sport Headphones with SpeedFit – Tough All-Metal Design – Carbon

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  • Secure-fit - you don’t have to Think about your ultra-small buds staying in while you run, no matter how hard you run
  • Speedfit - switch to an Under-Ear fit in Seconds for easy access to the mic when a call comes in
  • Sweat-proof - Double hydrophobic nano coated, sweat is a part of your routine, and freedom 2S sweat-proofing technology stands up to every drop of sweat you dish out
  • Custom sound - pump up the bass - freedom 2 works with the Jaybird app to give you your music, your way with drop-free Bluetooth signal strength
  • 8 hours in your pocket - you can run for hours without worrying about your battery life.Impedance: 16 Ohm


The Jaybird Freedom 2 is almost identical to the original Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless 2016, with the exception of a new cable management clip that allows the headphones to be adjusted to fit various head shapes and sizes. They even come with slightly better, more natural earbud-like tips. Aside from these slight differences, the rest of the design and build quality is almost identical to the previous iteration. They have the same elegant earbud-style as the Jaybird X3 Wireless and the majority of the wireless in-ears we’ve checked, but their charging clip is bulky and inconvenient. They don’t come in as many bright colour schemes as most sports headphones, but their dark colour scheme will appeal to the majority of people. If you want them to stand out, even more, they also come in a white and gold colour combination.

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The Jaybird Freedom 2 is slightly more comfortable than the Jaybird Tarah Wireless and the original Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless 2016. They come with a unique collection of tips that resemble a cross between in-ear headphones and earbuds. This means they don’t go as far into your ear canal as the initial Freedom, which most people prefer, and they’re not as comfortable as some of the other Bose earbuds we’ve tried. On the plus side, even after hours of listening, they won’t trigger any soreness or exhaustion, and they’re a good match for fans of in-ears and earbuds alike.


The control scheme on the Jaybird Freedom 2 is easy and efficient. They include the necessary functions, such as call/music, track skipping, and volume adjustments. The in-line remote isn’t as sensitive or as big as the Jaybird X3 Wireless’, but it’s easy and straightforward to use. The buttons provide slightly more input than the original, but the difference isn’t important.


The Jaybird Freedom 2 is very similar to the original Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless 2016 in terms of size and design. They have a slightly longer cable, and the new cable management clip adds a small amount of weight, but not significantly. They’re also extremely lightweight headphones, fitting into almost any pocket. Unfortunately, using the charging accessory makes them less lightweight, but you’re unlikely to use them outside with the charging clip attached.


The Jaybird Freedom 2 headphones are packaged in a carrying pouch that protects them from scratches and minor water exposure. It isn’t a sturdy shell, so it won’t protect your headphones from impacts or drops, unlike the Jaybird X2 Wireless. On the plus side, the pouch doesn’t add much bulk to the headphones, making them comfortable to bring around.

Build Quality

The Jaybird Freedom 2 is a well-made device that shares the same basic design and build quality as the original Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless 2016. The earbuds are small and compact, and they’re made of a durable plastic that won’t crack easily even after several drops. As compared to the Jaybird X2 Wireless or the Jaybird X3 Wireless, the in-line remote is adequate but feels a little cheap. If you remove the latest earbud-like tips and cable management clips, the cable is a little longer and the in-line remote buttons are a little more sensitive, but the build quality is exactly the same.


The Jaybird Freedom 2 is a very stable device. They’re tiny, wireless, and don’t move around much once they’re in your ear. They have a new set of tips with the stability fins already attached, making it a little easier to get the right fit. They’re even more robust than the original Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless 2016 if the stability fins aren’t attached, which can happen sometimes because they’re not one device like the originals. They also have better cable handling out of the box, but you must tailor it to your head size or the cable can tug on the earbuds, potentially causing them to fall out during more strenuous workouts and workout routines.

Noise Cancellation

Isolation output is satisfactory. They reached almost 7dB of isolation in the bass range, where the rumble of aeroplane and bus engines can be heard, which is about average. They reduce outside noise by more than 20dB in the mid-range, which is critical for blocking out speech. They isolate by more than 38dB in the treble range, which is perfect for sharp S and T sounds. The Jaybird Freedom 2 performs marginally worse in the bass and treble ranges than the original Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless 2016, owing to their more earbud-like nature. Most people, however, would not note the difference.


Like the original Jaybird Freedom F5 Wireless 2016, the Jaybird Freedom 2 has a 4-hour battery life. They charge quickly (1.4 hours), and the charging clip extends the battery life by four hours, giving you about a day’s worth of use if you take breaks or keep the charging clip attached. Unfortunately, they do not switch off automatically to conserve power, so the battery will continue to drain as long as they are paired to a computer, even if they are not in use.


The Jaybird Freedom 2 doesn’t have NFC, but it’s easy to pair with most Bluetooth devices and has multi-point pairing, so you can quickly switch between Bluetooth sources once you’re paired.

There is a lot of latency in these headphones, which will be noticeable while watching videos. It won’t cost you any more than any other Bluetooth headphones, but it won’t be suitable for gaming or watching movies.

Pros and Cons

  • Sound quality
  • Build quality
  • Good connection strength
  • Same bulky control module


The Jaybird Freedom 2 is a good option for a variety of uses. They have a sleek wireless in-ear style that is stable enough to use when working out or participating in most sports. They even filter out enough noise to be useful on everyday commutes. They also don’t leak much, making them a better-than-average office choice. They’re not as durable as some of the other Jaybird models, and they have a limited battery life, as well as a thick, heavy charging clip that makes them a little unstable when attached.

The Jaybird Freedom 2 are excellent sports headphones. They’re designed to be lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around with you at all times. They’re comfortable to wear, simple to operate, and stable enough to use during a workout. Unfortunately, adding the cumbersome charging clip to the in-line remote makes it less secure and pulls on the right earbud, which can fall out during more intense workouts.


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