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TOZO T12 Truly Wireless Headphone [Review]

TOZO T12 Truly Wireless Headphone review

The TOZO T12 are a good pair of fully wireless earbuds for the money. They lack frills and features but have a solid, if not very comfortable, design. They have a bass-heavy sound profile that isn’t overpowering, making them suited for a wide range of musical genres and audio content. On the flipside, their battery life isn’t great, their integrated microphone isn’t great, and their deep in-ear fit may not be for everyone. They are, nevertheless, a good alternative if you want a pretty adaptable set of earbuds without the inconvenience of a cable connection.

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  • Minimalist design
  • Stable Fit
  • Very good passive noise isolation
  • Short continuous battery life


The TOZO T12 are genuinely wireless earbuds with a traditional appearance. They’re made mostly of matte plastic that doesn’t show fingerprints, but they feature a glossy outer ring that adds a pop of colour. They look similar to the TOZO T10 Truly Wireless in terms of appearance, albeit they’re significantly larger and rounder.


The TOZO T12 is a comfy shoe. They go somewhat deep into the ear canal, however, they come with a variety of ear tips to assist you to find the right fit. In comparison to the TOZO T10 Truly Wireless‘ firm physical buttons, you won’t need to exert nearly as much energy to make an input thanks to their touch-sensitive controls. The T12 is less tiring to wear during long listening sessions because of their plusher tips.


The control scheme on these in-ears is adequate. The buds’ outside faces are touch-sensitive and quite simple to utilise. With a single press of each bud, you can play, pause, and answer incoming calls. A quick double-tap on the right bud goes to the next track, while a similar command on the left unit skips backward. Long pressing on the left and right buds, respectively, lower and increase media volume, whereas long presses on the left and right buds, respectively, increase and decrease media volume. Overall, this control technique provides adequate feedback, with speech prompts for all actions except volume changes, which are accompanied by beeps.


The TOZO T12, like most truly wireless headphones like the ENACFIRE E60, is extremely portable. It’s simple to slip them into your pocket or into a bag. Despite the fact that their charging case is a little on the tall side, it is still manageable to carry around.


The charging case for these headphones is excellent. It feels solid and should keep the headphones safe from knocks, drops, and falls. It’s also IPX8-rated for water resistance, though we don’t test for that right now. It supports wireless charging, just like the TOZO T10 Truly Wireless case. Between the buds’ charging cradles is a small inside display that shows the battery state of the buds and the case.

Build Quality

The TOZO T12 has a good build quality. The buds and casing are composed of a solid, high-grade plastic that will not be damaged by minor drops. The buds are also IPX8 rated for total submersion in water, however we don’t currently test for this.


The TOZO T12 has a good level of stability. Despite the lack of stabilising fins or ear hooks, they should stay in your ears during moderately vigorous workouts.

Sound Profile

These headphones have an extremely bright treble response that occasionally sounds piercing, as well as an overly enthusiastic V-shaped sound profile that gives more than enough low-end thump and rumble for fans of EDM and hip-hop. Mids, on the other hand, are well-reproduced enough that vocalists and lead instruments aren’t drowned out, making them more musically adaptable than the TOZO T10 Truly Wireless, which sounds muddier and congested.

Bass Accuracy

These in-ears have moderate bass accuracy. It’s considerably overemphasised throughout the range, resulting in some tunes with a lot of boominess. Fans of bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop, on the other hand, may like the extra thud and rumble.

Mid Accuracy

The mid-accuracy of these headphones is amazing. Apart from a minor dip in the mid-mid region, which pushes voices and lead instruments to the rear of the mix, sounds in this frequency range are incredibly well-reproduced. As a result, the voices and lead instruments are clear and full-bodied, with no clutter or harshness.

Treble Accuracy

The treble precision of the TOZO T12 is satisfactory. Overall, it’s fairly bright, however the low-treble response is overemphasised in some tunes, resulting in a bit of harshness.


Their peak-to-peak and dip-to-dip performance is excellent. The majority of the frequency range is very flat, with a few notable exceptions. There’s a high peak in the low-treble that generates some harshness, as well as a dip in the mid-mids that pushes voices and lead instruments to the back of the mix. After that, the mid-treble range drops, making some sibilants seem dull and lispy.


The TOZO T12 has outstanding stereo imaging capabilities. Their weighted group delay is completely below the audibility threshold, ensuring tight bass and clear treble. In terms of amplitude, frequency, and phase response, the L/R drivers are likewise remarkably well-matched. These characteristics aid in the proper localization of objects and sound effects in the stereo image, resulting in a more immersive listening experience. However, these findings apply exclusively to our test unit; yours may behave differently.

Passive Soundstage

The passive soundstage of the TOZO T12 is poor, which is to be expected from a pair of in-ear headphones. They give a closed-off listening experience because they skip the outer ear and feature a closed-back design, causing sound to be interpreted as originating from inside your head rather than from a speaker array located around you.

Noise Isolation

The noise isolation performance of the TOZO T12 is excellent. Because these headphones block out a significant amount of sound in the mid and treble range, you won’t hear much background chatter or ambient high-pitched noise. Unfortunately, lower-pitched frequencies such as the rumbling of bus, airline, and train engines cause them considerable difficulty. Check out the TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless headphones, which have an ANC feature and provide improved noise isolation.


There is almost no audio leakage with these in-ears. Even if you’re in a calm environment like a library, you should be able to listen to your music at very high volumes without bothering anyone close.

Recording Quality

The mic recording quality on the TOZO T12 is average. Your voice should sound natural, but thin and muffled, so some people on the other end of the line may have trouble understanding you at times.

Noise Handling

The inbuilt mic on the TOZO T12 does a mediocre job at managing noise. Even if you’re calling from a somewhat noisy area, people on the other end of the line may struggle to understand you.


The battery life of these headphones is average. The headphones have a mediocre continuous runtime of little over five hours. However, their case only has about 3.5 charges, which should be more than enough to get you through the day. The Anker Soundcore Life Dot 2 Truly Wireless, which lasts more than seven hours on a single charge and with a case capable of giving over 12 extra full charges, still outperforms it. On the plus side, one earbud can be used to listen to music in mono while the other charges in its case.


The Bluetooth connectivity of the TOZO T12 is adequate. Bluetooth 5.0 is supported, but not multi-device or NFC pairing. On a PC, their latency is just too high to be useful for gaming or streaming movies. While they work considerably better on mobile iOS and Android devices, their audio lag is still a bit high, which could make serious mobile gaming with them a bit annoying. However, apps compensate for latency in different ways, so your real-world experience may differ.


The TOZO T12 is suitable for a variety of applications. They provide a reasonably well-balanced audio rendition with plenty of extra bass to keep you pumped. They’re a good choice for going to the gym or going for a run because of their durable design and secure fit. They’re also highly portable, passively block out ambient noise well, and leak very little audio, making them ideal for your daily commute. Unfortunately, they don’t have enough battery to go you through the day without having to recharge them numerous times.


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