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Anker SoundCore Space NC [Review]

Anker SoundCore Space NC review

The Anker SoundCore Space NC are good wireless over-ear headphones for a variety of uses. They are also noise-canceling and offer decent isolation, making them ideal for commuting and at work. They feature a gloomy sound profile and should be utilized primarily for bass-heavy music. On the plus side, they’re well-made, and the 21-hour battery life should be plenty for most people. They also offer a fantastic touch-sensitive audio control system, as well as distinct power, phone, and ANC buttons, which are quite helpful.

Anker AK-A30210F1 Soundcore Space NC Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black/Gray

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The Anker Space NC headphones have a wonderful design. Touch-sensitive surfaces are wrapped in imitation leather on the rear of the ear cups, giving them a premium feel. The headphones, on the other hand, are composed of solid plastic with a gleaming metallic finish, rather than metal.


The SoundCore Space NC are pleasant, and you may use them for a long time without experiencing ear strain. The headband and ear cups include substantial cushioning that is a little stiff at first but will soften with use. The headphones are light and put a nice amount of pressure to your head. For persons with bigger heads, they may be too tight, and the cups may be too tiny for larger ears.


On the right ear cup of the SoundCore Space NC are touch-sensitive controls as well as some additional physical buttons. On the touch-sensitive surface, you can manage play/pause, volume, and track skipping. A physical button may be used to control calls, and a noise suppressing switch is available. By pressing and holding the call button, you may access your device’s voice assistant.

You may change the volume by swiping up or down and keeping your finger on the surface at the end of the action to repeat the command. With a single swipe, you can move from no volume to maximum volume. The tactile buttons provide excellent sensation, however while turning on or off the headphones, you may accidentally cover the LED indication. Also, with the touch-sensitive region, you must be slow and accurate. A rapid push or swipe will not always register, so make sure you apply sufficient pressure on the pad.


The SoundCore Space NC, like other over-ear headphones, aren’t the most breathable. They retain heat underneath the ear cups, and some users may notice a temperature change after a lengthy listening session. These aren’t ideal for working exercise because you’ll sweat a little more than normal.


The SoundCore Space NC, like other over-ear headphones, are not extremely portable. Their cups, on the other hand, swivel, making them easy to slip into a purse or wrap around your neck. They also fold up into a more small size and fit within their fantastic protective case, which isn’t too bulky.


The Anker SoundCore Space NC enclosure is fantastic. It’s a durable case that shields the headphones from scratches, water damage, and impact. The interior of the shell is sculpted to properly match the headphones, eliminating any wiggle room. In the case, the headphones rest flat, and the drivers are likewise covered.

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Build Quality

For their low price, these headphones offer a surprisingly decent build quality. The ear cups appear to be dense enough to withstand a few accidental drops, while the headband is largely constructed of metal. Unfortunately, the cups are constructed of plastic with a glossy metallic appearance rather than metal. The hinges that hold the ear cups together appear to be the headphones’ weakest point, since they seem a little thinner than the rest of the construction.


Because of their strong clamping force, the SoundCore Space headphones are fairly stable. These should allow you to jog, but their bulky shape may not be suited for more strenuous physical activity. They don’t slide off when you tilt your head forward or backward, and because they’re wireless, you won’t have to worry about a cord getting caught on something.

Noise Isolation

The isolation performance of the Anker SoundCore Space is excellent. They reach more than 18dB of isolation in the bass region with the ANC (active noise cancellation) turned on, which is pretty impressive. This means they can effectively drown out the rumbling of airline and bus engines. They isolate by 18dB in the mid-range, which is also quite excellent for filtering out ambient speech. They isolate by 36dB in the treble band, which is populated by sharp sounds like S and Ts and fan noises like A/C systems. They isolate a lot better than the Anker Soundcore Life 2, but they lack the Anker Soundcore Life 2’s excellent audio quality.


The SoundCore Space NC has an excellent rechargeable battery life of 21 hours, however, it takes roughly 3 hours to completely charge. We couldn’t figure out what the actual stated battery life was because Anker lists 12 hours, 20 hours, and 25 hours on the product website and specifications sheet. They also claim that if you activate the ANC functionality when the headphones are connected, you can get 50 hours of continuous listening, but we couldn’t verify this. Even if the battery is dead, you may use the headphones via an audio wire. If you want to preserve battery life, switch off ANC when you put in the audio connection, since the headphones will automatically switch on and activate the ANC functionality We couldn’t confirm this when the headphones were connected. Even if the battery is dead, you may use the headphones via an audio wire. If you want to preserve battery life, switch off ANC when you put in the audio connection, since the headphones will automatically switch on and activate the ANC functionality. It’s worth noting that if you’re charging the headphones while plugging in the audio wire, you’ll have passive playback, but the headphones will stop charging as soon as you connect the cable.


These headphones are Bluetooth compatible, but they don’t support NFC for quick and easy pairing, and they can’t be linked to two devices at once, which would have been great for switching between your phone and work computer at the workplace. Unfortunately, they are not Bluetooth 5.0 headphones; but, if you have a 5.0 source, the Cowin SE7 may provide a little greater wireless range.

The SoundCore Space NC have a lower latency of 154ms than the average Bluetooth headphones, which have a latency of 200-220ms. For watching video material and gaming, their number may still be a little high, but certain devices and applications provide compensation, so you may not feel the delay as much.


With the provided 1/8″ TRRS audio cable, you may utilise the headphones. It also has an in-line microphone that is compatible with PCs and consoles. Even if the battery is dead, you can use them passively. You may utilise the ANC functionality when connected if there is still electricity. The headphones will automatically turn on if your ANC switch is on when you connect in the audio cord.

Pros and Cons

  • Minimalist design
  • Improved noise-cancellation
  • Auto-play/pause and conversation awareness
  • Call quality still isn’t perfect
  • Singing can pause the music


It’s suitable for a variety of applications. The Anker SoundCore Space has a thumpy and boomy bass with recessed voices, making it more suitable for bass-heavy genres than a wide range of music. They do, however, offer an excellent ANC function that eliminates a lot of background noise, which is perfect for commuting and at work. They’re more stable and breathable than most over-ears, but their hefty shape means they’re not a suitable choice for sports. Also, owing to their latency and subpar microphone, they won’t be great for watching TV like other Bluetooth headphones.


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