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TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless Headphone [Review] – Water Proof Headphone for workouts

TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless Headphone

The TOZO NC9 Truly Wireless in-ears are well-made in-ears with an outstanding active noise cancellation feature that can block out a lot of background noise. The V-shaped sound profile of these headphones offer an extra thump and punch to your audio while making vocals and lead instruments sparkle and brilliance. While there isn’t a dedicated ANC off option, ‘Transparency Mode’ lets you hear some ambient noise. They don’t have any capabilities for altering the sound, and they only last for around four hours on a single charge. Thankfully, their portable charging case provides three more charges for when you’re on the go.

TOZO NC9 Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Earbuds, ANC in Ear Headphones IPX6 Waterproof Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Stereo Earphones, Immersive Sound Premium Deep Bass Headset,Black

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  • Minimalist design
  • Stable fit
  • Great Noise Isolation
  • 4.2-hour continuous battery life


The TOZO NC9 is truly wireless in-ears that resemble the TOZO T12 Truly Wireless in appearance. The majority of them are matte plastic with a glossy outer ring. They’re also rounded and hefty in appearance.


The TOZO NC9 is a comfy shoe. They’re a touch hefty, and they dig into your ears a little. When you press their controls, though, they don’t go much deeper into your ears, which is a wonderful feature. They also come with a variety of earbud tip sizes to help you find the peBreathabilityrfect fit. Check out the Cowin Apex Elite Truly Wireless in-ears for a more comfortable fit.


The controls are excellent. You can switch between ANC mode and Transparency Mode by tapping the left bud once. Transparency Mode lets in ambient noise so you can hear people chatting to you. To return to the previous track, tap the left bud twice, then hold it to lower the volume down. You may play/pause your audio by tapping the right bud once, twice to skip to the next track, and three times to ramp up the volume. You can answer a phone call by tapping either bud, and you can end or reject the call by holding either bud. To activate the voice assistant, tap either bud three times. Overall, the controls are responsive, and there is plenty of auditory feedback, such as speech instructions and alarms when you approach the maximum and minimum volume levels.


The TOZO NC9 is extremely breathable. They don’t trap a lot of heat thanks to their in-ear fit, so you shouldn’t sweat much more than usual when wearing them.


The TOZO NC9 is extremely portable. They’re really little and light. Their carrying case isn’t too big, either, and it should slide into your pocket or purse with ease.


The situation is favourable. It’s primarily made of plastic, which has a hard and substantial feel to it. It has four LED lights that display the battery level and may be used to charge the in-ears.

Build Quality

The TOZO NC9 is made of high-quality materials. They’re generally composed of plastic, with the exterior being matte and the interior being glossy. We don’t currently test for water resistance because the buds are rated IPX6. Overall, they have a good feel to them, albeit the earbud tips could be a weak spot.


The stability of these headphones is excellent. During moderately vigorous exercise, they should stay in your ears. They do not, however, have stabilising fins and may fall out during more intensive workouts.

Sound Profile

The TOZO NC9 has a V-shaped sound profile that is slightly exciting. The bass range has more thud and punch, while the vocals and lead instruments are bright and sparkly. Some listeners, however, may notice that their mixes sound muddy or boomy. You can’t change the sound because there aren’t any sound customization options.

Bass Accuracy

The bass accuracy is satisfactory. The full spectrum is amplified, allowing you to hear the deep thump, rumble, and punch in your mixes. This is perfect for fans of bass-heavy genres like EDM and hip-hop, but it may be too boomy or overbearing for other listeners.

Mid Accuracy

The mid-accuracy of these headphones is excellent. The bass range has an overabundance of focus that can add muddiness, and the little dip in the mid-mids pushes voices and lead instruments to the back of the mix. The rest of the range, on the other hand, is balanced and neutral, making vocalists and lead instruments stand out.

Treble Accuracy

The treble accuracy of these headphones is adequate. Because the range is emphasised, vocalists and lead instruments sound detailed and harsh, while sibilants like cymbals sound piercing.


The TOZO NC9 performs well in terms of peaks and troughs. The mid-mids dip pushes vocals and lead instruments to the rear of the mix, while the low-treble peak makes the same instruments sound harsh or uncomfortable. Sibilants can be piercing or bland due to the irregular mid-treble.


The TOZO NC9 has excellent imaging. Their weighted group delay is below audibility, producing in tight bass and transparent treble. Furthermore, the phase, frequency, and amplitude responses of our test unit’s L/R drivers are well-matched, allowing items such as footfall and voices to be correctly located and localised inside the stereo image. However, these findings are only applicable to our test unit, and your results may differ.

Passive Soundstage

The passive soundstage on these headphones is awful, as is usual with in-ear headphones. They skip the outer ear, which is one of the most important aspects in creating a huge, out-of-body soundscape. Instead of emanating from speakers all around you, sound appears to be originating from inside your skull.

Noise isolation

The TOZO NC9 offers excellent noise isolation. The ANC feature is available on these headphones. However, unless you turn off the headphones altogether, you won’t be able to disable this feature. You may, however, switch between the ANC and ‘Transparency Mode,’ which is supposed to let in some background noise while shutting out others. These headphones can block out bass-heavy background noises like bus and jet engines, as well as higher-frequency ambient noises like people conversing nearby or the hum of air conditioners, when the ANC feature is turned on.


The leaking performance of these headphones is excellent. They don’t leak a lot of noise, and the exiting audio is pretty thin, so if you listen to your music loudly, it shouldn’t bother anyone around you.

Recording Quality

The recording quality of the microphone is adequate. Your voice should sound natural, but it should also be weak and muted.

Noise Handling

The microphone has a poor noise cancellation capability. If you’re calling from a somewhat noisy setting, it may struggle to distinguish your voice from background noises, making it difficult for the person on the other end of the line to understand you.


The battery life of the TOZO NC9 is poor. The manufacturer claims an eight-hour continuous battery life, but in our tests, they only lasted a little over four hours on ANC mode. However, because battery life varies depending on usage, your results may differ. When you’re on the go, their portable case provides roughly three additional charges. It’s also convenient to use one earpiece while the other charges. Try the EarFun Air Pro True Wireless ANC earbuds if you’re seeking ANC earbuds with longer battery life.


The Bluetooth connectivity of the TOZO NC9 is adequate. They don’t have NFC capabilities and can only be paired with one device at a time. While their latency is likely too high for watching movies on PCs, they work better on iOS and Android smartphones. Some programs, however, compensate for latency in different ways, so your actual experience may differ.

Are TOZO NC9 Earbuds Good Pick For Workouts and Sports?

For sports and fitness, the TOZO NC9 is impressive. These lightweight, breathable in-ears have a secure fit, so they won’t fall out during moderately strenuous workouts. They even have an IPX6 water resistant rating, however we don’t test for it right now. Their hefty shape, however, may not be suitable for all listeners.


The TOZO NC9 are suitable for a variety of applications. These headphones include an amazing noise cancellation technology that can easily block out background noises that you might encounter on your commute or at work. They’re also stable enough to wear throughout moderately strenuous exercises. However, fans of neutral sound may find their V-shaped sound profile overbearing, and there is no method to adjust their sound.


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