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Jaybird Vista Wireless Headphone [Review]

Jaybird Vista Wireless Headphone [Review]

The Jaybird Vista headphones have quite adaptable and feature a well-balanced sound profile. Because of their tiny, portable, and breathable form, they’re ideal for sports. Stability fins are also included to aid in a more secure fit. They’re water-resistant to IPX7 standards and come with a feature-packed companion app. Their microphone performance, on the other hand, is subpar, and their control scheme is limited. Otherwise, they’re ideal for energetic folks looking for a pair of truly wireless earbuds that can be utilized in everyday situations.

Jaybird Vista True Wireless Bluetooth Sport Waterproof Earbud Premium Headphones

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  • Mostly well-balanced sound profile
  • Stable, comfortable fit
  • Impressive build quality
  • Poor microphone performance

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The Jaybird Vista is designed in a conservative manner. With a streamlined design and the Jaybird emblem printed on each buds’ buttons, they don’t protrude too far from the ears. When employing the stability sleeves with fins, they have a more athletic appearance. They are available in the colours ‘Black,’ ‘Nimbus Gray,’ ‘Mineral Blue,’ and ‘Planetary Green.’


The Jaybird Vista are a pair of in-ear headphones that are quite comfy. They’re light, don’t go too deep into your ear canal, and don’t put too much strain on your inner ear. You can remove the stability fins if you wish, despite the fact that they don’t come in a lot of different sizes. Their in-ear fit, on the other hand, may grow tiresome after a while. When you press their control buttons, they may go a little deeper into your ears, which might be painful.


The control method on these headphones is adequate, however it is lacking in utility. With a double-tap on either bud, you can play and pause media or answer calls, as well as skip tracks forward. However, the controls on both earbuds are identical, which means you can’t go back to the previous track, which is a disappointment. Holding the left bud’s button down lowers the volume, while holding the right one down increases it. You can also map the controls within their app, but you won’t be able to access all of them at the same time. The controls are simple to operate and provide excellent touch and aural feedback.


The Jaybird Vista, like most in-ear headphones, does not trap heat inside your ears, making them a good choice for sports. When you wear them, you shouldn’t sense a difference in temperature or sweat more than usual.


These in-ears, like other truly wireless headphones, are extremely portable. The buds are small enough to put inside a pocket or a backpack. Their casing is tiny and lightweight, making it easy to transport.


The Jaybird Vista includes a fantastic durable charging case. The case is compact and lightweight. It has a strong feel to it and adds roughly 10 hours of battery life. It does not, however, feature any battery indicator lights to reflect the current charge status, and it does not support wireless charging.

Build Quality

The Jaybird Vista true wireless headphones are really well-made. The buds are small and dense, so they should be able to withstand minor bumps and drops. They’re also IPX7 water-resistant, though we haven’t put that to the test yet. The case is also quite sturdy and feels just as high-end as the buds.


The Jaybird Vista is a pair of sports headphones that is extremely sturdy. They come with a variety of ear tips in various sizes as well as stability fins to ensure a snug fit. Even during intensive workouts, they don’t move around much and are unlikely to slip out of your ears.

Sound Profile

The sound profile of the Jaybird Vista is well-balanced. In genres like EDM and hip-hop, their well-balanced bass response gives enough thud and rumble. Vocals and lead instruments are clear and present thanks to their neutral mid-range. Unfortunately, their treble range is inconsistent, making some higher notes dull and piercing at the same time. Thankfully, its companion app includes a number of audio presets as well as a parametric EQ to let you fine-tune your listening experience.

Bass Accuracy

The bass performance of the Jaybird Vista is exceptional. It closely fits our target curve, indicating that there is enough low-end thump and rumbling. A little boost in the high-mid range may add a bit of boominess to the overall mix, but it shouldn’t be too noticeable for most people.

Mid Accuracy

The mid accuracy of the Jaybird Vista is outstanding. Aside from a minor dip in the mid-mid that pushes vocals and lead instruments to the rear of the mix, the mid-range is incredibly well-reproduced, ensuring that voices and lead instruments are present, clear, and detailed in the mix.

Treble Accuracy

The treble precision on the Jaybird Vista is adequate. The response is quite inconsistent over the spectrum. The low and mid-treble frequencies have a significant drop, resulting in a lack of detail and brightness at higher frequencies. However, at higher frequencies, the response is overemphasized, producing acute and piercing sibilants. It’s worth noting that not everyone perceives treble frequencies the same way, so your results may differ.


The stereo vision on the Jaybird Vista is excellent. Their weighted group delay is well below audible levels, resulting in tight bass and transparent treble. The frequency, amplitude, and phase responses of the L/R drivers are also well-matched. This is necessary for correct placement and localisation of objects in the stereo picture, such as voices and instruments. Please keep in mind that these results apply exclusively to our unit; yours may perform differently.


The passive soundstage of the Jaybird Vista is weak. This is because stimulating the outer ear’s resonances is crucial to creating an out-of-head and speaker-like soundstage. Outer-ear interaction is avoided with in-ears. Furthermore, because these headphones have a closed-back design, their soundstage isn’t as wide as open-back earbuds such as the Apple AirPods 2 Truly Wireless 2019, Google Pixel Buds 2023 Truly Wireless, or Bose SoundSport Free Truly Wireless.

Noise Isolation

The passive noise isolation performance of the Jaybird Vista is adequate. Low-frequency noises, such as the deep rumbling of a bus or plane engine, are difficult to isolate. On the plus side, they work well against mid-range noises like ambient talk and even better against high-pitched sounds like the hum of an air conditioner. Check out the Klipsch T5 II True Wireless Sport or the JBL Endurance Peak II True Wireless if you’re looking for improved isolation.

Recording Quality

The recording quality of the microphone is terrible. Speech that has been recorded sounds muted and lacks detail. The microphone also has a tendency to peak and cut out on occasion.

Noise Handling

This microphone isn’t particularly good at handling noise. It struggles to separate voice from even moderate background noise, making these in-ears unsuitable for calls on a crowded street. However, in quiet conditions, the mic should work properly.


The battery life of the Jaybird Vista is average. While their five and a half hours of continuous battery life should enough for workouts, they are unlikely to last a full day at the office. Worse, charging them takes almost two hours. On the plus side, they can save energy by turning off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity. Check out the Jabra Elite Active 75t Truly Wireless for sports earbuds with better battery life.

App Support

The Jaybird MySound app for iOS and Android is a terrific software that offers you access to a parametric equaliser as well as a community-based platform where you can share your presets and playlists. You may also use it to track down the last known position of your earbuds if you lose them. It also has options for remapping their control scheme and modifying their auto-off timer. While several capabilities, such as room effects and an in-app player, are missing, the app is a helpful tool for customising your listening experience. The in-app media player is only available if you’ve linked your Spotify Premium account within the app.


These truly wireless headphones support Bluetooth 5.0, however they don’t support NFC and can’t connect to numerous devices at the same time. On the plus side, their pairing process is simple and speedy.

The Jaybird Vista has a higher latency than most Bluetooth headphones. However, certain apps and devices compensate for latency, so your real-world experience may differ.


The Jaybird Vista are suitable for a variety of applications. Their sound is well-balanced, and they have a parametric EQ on their accompanying app. While they don’t block out as much ambient noise in the bass region, they do a better job of blocking out higher-pitched background noise. Because of their solid fit and airy construction, they’re also ideal for sports. They have a significant WiFi latency and poor microphone recording quality, which is unfortunate.


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